Saturday, 29 October 2011

Bloggers Quilt Festival: Somewhere Beneath The Sea

Hi to everyone who may have popped over from The Bloggers Quilt Festival.  I hope you enjoy looking around my blog!


I have nothing new completely quilt wise this Autumn as I've been focusing on lots of small projects rather that full sized quilts. So my entry for the bloggers quilt festival this Autumn is my: "Somewhere Beneath The Sea" Quilt I completed at the start of the year.

Mendocino Quilt 

 When I got back into quilting last year I realised, with great delight, that fabric had moved on since I'd last been quilting and there was a wealth of designer fabrics to be found and bought. Better still (as I have no bricks and mortar LQS) I could get this fabric yumminess online! A range I immediately fell in love with in its entirety is Mendocino by Heather Ross. There wasn't a single colour way or design I didn't like.  At one stage I had high hopes of getting a fat quarter at least of all the designs in all the colour ways. But alas some colour ways proved too elusive. The Swim Sisters have remained my all time favourites of the whole range. Unfortunately Mendocino was just becoming scarce when I discovered it. There were a few US sellers selling bundles on Etsy and happily the prices, though inflated by US standards, were more comparable to UK fabric prices. So I snapped up a few fq bundles when I had the chance.
; Mendocino fat quarters just waiting to be made into a quiltMendocino in the mail
New to my stash - 10 fat quarters of Mendocino 

The hardest decision was what to make with this fabric. Part of me just wanted to hoard it and not cut into it!! But another part of me wanted something usable I could enjoy and allow me to see my precious fabric every day, not just when I opened a drawer or cupboard.  I decided to go for a simple disappearing nine patch and only use some of it - first using up the FQ's I had duplicates of.  I didn't feel I had the requisite skill to do a more complicated quilt design and complete it to my satisfaction.

I really did not want to start cutting out a complicated pattern only to find months later it languished in a WIP pile. As it was I started this prior to dental surgery last Autumn and didn't finish it until this year, having put it to one side!

Mendocino Disappearing Nine Patch

This quilt is lap sized and I used a Warm and Natural cot sized wadding.  I don't know the name of the solids that I bound and backed it with, as I just picked two from an online supplier by colours that would compliment the quilt.

Best still I still have some Mendocino left, should I feel confident enough to do a more complicated design in the future.

Phew! this post has wiped me out. I don't like this seasonal lurgy getting buisness. Hope normal service resumes soon!!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Apportioning Blame :-)

I think the seasonal lurgy I've avoided thus far is on its way. I can blame a few people for it. There is my mother who came back from a holiday from the Lake District with it. It's laid her low. Not-getting-out-of-bed-today-coughing-all-night low. Which as anyone who knows her will tell you is VERY unusual.  I could blame work. The colleagues who are sneezing and wheezing themselves around the often freezing office. Still it will be a chance to crack open those pretty tissues that Judith put in the lovely scrappy tissue holder. (Although I really want to just admire them forever and not use them so I may just use my sleeve. Naughty Grin.)

I am going to blame the possibly imminent lurgy for cheering myself up for buying a few supplies.  Angelic Grin.  I'll blame Hadley for the fact it was at Remnant House, which I'd never heard of until she commented on my blog post the other day.  I blame Anna of Noodlehead for having a skirt sew along on her blog and my needing supplies in the first place.

And just because I don't like blogging without a picture I thought I'd share this picture with you from the November 2001 (yes, I do mean 2001) - British Patchwork and Quilting magazine.  I came across some old quilting magazines the other week, when I was clearing my spare bedroom ready for a guest. I blame Helen for why this made me giggle.


But don't worry Helen I have no plans to make this. I may buy knitwear at craft fairs, but I'd have to get completely delirious should the lurgy hit, before I'd make this. And if that should happen. Well I'll blame the lurgy won't I? :-)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Innocently Crushing on the Goodie Bag Swap!

You know you've over indulged in the fabric buying stakes when the post office has to lay on two deliveries before lunch time. Before work the post lady came in the van with two parcels. I returned home at lunch time to discover the regular postie on the bike had brought three more packages. (one wasn't fabric you may like to know.)

So before I get on with the bit of the blog post that relates to the title I think we need a little show and tell, no?
As always beautifully wrapped.


First parcel was all the way from Fabricpalooza. Yummy Anna Maria Horner flannel destined to make snuggly scarves for Christmas. It looks even better in person and feels super snuggly.  Karen also snuck in a quilting magazine into my parcel and on page 58 there was an article featuring her shop.


From the photos this looks like my dream quilt store. I certainly wish it was my local quilt store. It would probably become my second home in no time! No time to read the whole article until parcel two was opened.


This was the first time I'd purchased from the Eclectic Maker. Given this was only ordered late Saturday afternoon I thought it was pretty good going that it turned up today.  I bought some buttons and snaps, some freezer paper, several types of interfacing (all this bag making is eating into my supply!) Some half yard cuts of Aviary 2 and Soul Blossoms and also some Klona. Not tried this before but it looks like just the ticket for bag linings. If only I could remember which UK store has a whole range of Klona...  I also bought a quarter yard cut of the wood grain fabric, which has been folded like a piece of Origami. I don't want to open it and mess it up lol.

Parcel Three was another Saturday afternoon purchase, this time from Gone to Earth.  Another seller I don't think I'd used before. I had put a whole lot more in my shopping basket and then went off to do other stuff, so it timed out and because I could remember exactly what I'd already bought at Eclectic Maker, I reduced my order a tad to this:


Two half yard cuts of Anna Maria Horner and a quarter cut. I've decided to try and purchase no less than a half yard of stash fabrics as most of the bag patterns I prefer use half yard cuts and this will give me more making options. I'd have bought a half yard of the front fabric had they had more than a quarter in stock.  

Last but by no means least was a bit of Saturday afternoon Sale shopping at M is for Make


When Innocent Crush first came out I wasn't sure if I liked it. I'm not convinced it would be my first choice for a quilt. For a bag though it's yummy and this mix is so Autumnal. So I grabbed my newly purchased pattern for the Nanette Tote by Rebeka Lambert and whipped up a bag. This one is destined for my Goodie Bag partner, who is partial to a spot of AMH. 

I promise it's not wonky bottomed in real life ;-)

I used the darkest fabric for the main body and straps as light bags are prone to looking grubby after a few  uses.  It's a great pattern although I confess I'd not come across the method specified for doing boxy corners and couldn't quite see how it would work until I actually did it. The pattern came together a dream and I'd say it's more than suitable for a confident beginner. There is also an option for making a more rounded bottom.


Inside is one divided pocket. As you can see it's closed by a magnetic snap.  I used a sew in interface for the main bag body and the same for the two top pieces. Only as more rigidity is required here, I used some fusible fleece too.  I really like how this bag turned out so it will be hard to let it go. However, unless my partner comments and says it's really not to her taste it'll be on it's way.  I love the funky lining. It would cheer me up on a dull Autumn day to look into the bag and see all this cheery colour and pattern.

I'm linking this up to Celebrate Colour as this bag has been heavily inspired by Autumn colour.

Celebrate Color

Comment trickery again!

Remember this post?

Don't blame Blogger people said. Switch your browser. It's all the fault of the evil Internet Explorer. So I switched to Google Chrome and the problem was fixed with comments being eaten. Hurrah.

Until today.

We are sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

The following errors were found:
Input error: Memcache value is null for FormRestoration

Surely rather than blame browsers the websites should work on any browser? You can tell I'm not a techy can't you?

Still today is not all bad. I've had two deliveries of fabric which I'll be blogging about later. Yes, I've ordered so much fabric the dear old posties have had to make two deliveries today already! :-D

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sunday Stitchery

It seems it's either all or nothing with me. Capitalising on yesterday's productivity, I've made two more goodies today. The first was another bag. Again I had my partner in the Goodie Bag Swap in mind, although once again when it was made it some how didn't seem quite right for my partner. Really not sure now.


The pattern is Pleated Tote by Rebeka Lambert.  You can get the pattern here.  This bag is a bigger tote than yesterdays. The outside required half a yard of material - however if you want to make handles and internal pockets out of the same fabric you'll need a bit more.  I ended up making the handles thinner so I could keep the specified length and using some other scraps of Echino I had to add in two internal pockets.


The pattern has a button and loop closure, I added a magnetic snap as I prefer this kind of closure. I have a feeling I will be making a tonne of bags until I find exactly the right one. In the mean time all this practice is going to take care of a few Christmas presents!!!

Once the bag was sorted I decided to make the goodie for my partner in the Scrappy Swap.  I hope she likes this little pinnie to go with the scraps and a local goodie, which I've decided to keep secret. Suffice to say it's not edible as we don't really have a local edible goodie. 


I hope you've all been having a great weekend!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

A Day of Stitching

I've had one of those super productive days stitching wise.

Like what you see partner?

Yesterday, I pulled these fabrics for round two of Brit Quilt Swap - Pillow Fight! I can't say too much because it's a secret swap (ie. my partner does not know I'm making for them.) I think it's ok to say I'm getting the distinct impression these are the sorts of colours my partner would like. I have the design all mapped out in my head. It's involved some bondaweb and assorted round objects for me to draw around.

Not sure why this picture has gone all soft focus and washed out. 

Next, I decided to anchor most of them with a zig zag stitch you'd use for a button hole. I've started with some embroidery. The rest of the decoration is going to be all in the form of embroidery.


But before all this I decided to try out a bag pattern to get me in the right vibe for The Goodie Bag Swap.

The Phoebe Bag 

 My niece expressed a liking for this Echino fabric so this bag might well be filled with goodies as her Christmas present. Having signed up for an intermediate level bag, I'm thinking this bag might be too simple for my partner in the swap. It was fun to make. Probably a tad easier and quicker than the two for one tote with external pocket. I think it has a fun shape and there is a pocket inside. The one thing I'd change for the next make is the instructions tell you to fuse interfacing to the lining. I read this twice because I normally fuse to the exterior fabric when making bags. However, I thought I'd try it this way and I have to say now I've tried both ways I prefer the fusing on the external fabric. The design is by Rebeka Lambert of Artsy-Crafty Babe.  You can get a free download of the pattern from her blog.  Of course now when I went to do the link for the blog post I see she sells some mighty fine bag patterns...I may be getting bag making obsessed!

So after this and just because I could, I decided to try out this wonderful tutorial by Ayumi. I think I need to use more batting and or some interfacing in the next one to make it a bit more rigid. The tutorial is great and easy to follow. I'm not sure why my storage tray has ended up longer and thinner as I double checked all my measurements. I am going to try making these in different sizes for different goodies.


So I think that counts as a good sewing day. Unfortunately as I was clearing up I knocked this mirror from the dinning room table and it hit the laminate floor and well according to superstition I'm facing 7 years bad luck. Oppsy.


Friday, 21 October 2011

Favourite Things Friday: Polarity

It's been way too long since I've done a Favourite Things Friday post and I've decided to get back into this with features on great goodies you can get online.

Goodies that might well make the perfect little Christmas gift for someone you know or maybe you'll end up putting them on your own Christmas list.  These are the types of goodies that if I had a bricks and mortar gift shop, I'd fantasise about stocking in my little emporium of treasures.

So today's feature is Polarity.

When I first discovered Etsy I was blown away by the volume of lovely goodies that people made, but it was  Polarity lockets that first caught my attention enough to make me do some shopping.

My first Polarity purchase - Joy set featuring the art work of Fhiona Galloway

Polarity is the brainchild of Cat Ivins of The Olive Bites Studio.  Each locket is made from a recycled auto part that Cat turns into a locket with interchangeable 'lids' held in place by a super strong magnet.  Each locket comes with a ball chain you can easily trim to size and is presented in a lovely tin and calico draw string bag.  What blows me away about these lockets is:  1)The are recycled. Don't you just love it when you can take an item that started out life as something else, is no longer needed and destined for the scrap heap and turn into something beautiful and or useable?  2) I love that once you have a locket you can for a few pounds/dollars get more 'lids'.  I am blown away at how original this is. 3)That you can have a piece of highly unusual, but wearable jewellery and every second person is not wearing exactly the same thing.

Purple Passion Lid Set

Polarity lockets come in two sizes. I have the regular sized locket. My second Polarity purchase was the above set of lids.  I wear a lot of purple and this set can really liven up a plain t-shirt.

There is so much choice as Cat had collaborated with a range of artists to make some wonderful and often edgey artists lockets.  My last Polarity purchase just for me was this set:

Vintage Girls Mystical Collaboration locket with The Nebulous Kingdom

I love the modern Gothic feel that makes this a sophisticated choice of the Halloween season. An avid reader and lover of text fabric how can I resist a lid set that comes with some texty goodness?

I wonder how I can ever resist a lid set full stop, because the choice is amazing.  There really is something for everyone.  If you sew you may be attracted to the fabric lockets or the button ones or how about a picture locket named just for sewers in the quilt lovers necklace.

As you can see I may have indulged once or twice :-) (As well as buying a few for presents.)


If pendant lockets aren't your thing you'll also find: bracelets, rings, key chains, earrings and magnetic boards.

And after my post about customer service I can report Cat is a great seller to deal with and you always get a little extra surprise with your order and a fantastic speedy service ;-)

If all that hasn't made you race off to Etsy you may want to check out Cat's other store - Uncorked. full of lovely goodies made with cork - equally as unusual and twice as funky.

Still here?  I'm surprised you aren't shopping already.

Winter Stitching

FairyFace Designs
Most of my lists end up in my head not nailed on paper. Although I did start a list in the sidebar. See down there on the right? Anyway, I think when I'm accountable for something it's a lot easier for me to actually do it. I've lost track of all the good intentions I've had over the last six months - Like the time I signed up for the Across the Sea QAL and did precisely nothing more! Or the time I said I really need to get on top of my curve-a-phobia and er did nothing about it, other than cut out the big wedges for a Lily's Quilts Dresden. See I can be quite hopeless if there's not a reason for me to get cracking. I wasn't going to even sign up for Winter Stitching in case I failed so miserably you all laughed at my wannabe over achiever tendencies. But maybe this is just what I need! So here goes a list of the stuff I want to make right through until Spring. (In no particular order)

1.) Make a goodie for Scrappy Swap. I'm thinking scrappy log cabin pincushion?

2.) Make a bag for the Goodie Bag Swap

3.) Make a cushion for the Brit Pillow Fight Swap

4.) Try some basic foundation paper piecing so I can master it well enough to do this lovely lovely pattern designed by Kerry.

5.) Make some of these yummy organiser baskets as per Ayumi's fab tutorial

6.) Make at least another 50 hexies for my Hex-A-Long Quilt which has been badly neglected.

7.) Make at least two more 2-4-1 totes for Christmas presents.

8.) Make some flannel/voile scarves for Christmas presents.

9.) Make pincushions, mug rugs, fabric baskets and other small handmade gifts for Christmas presents

10.) Practice some FMQ as per the Friday FMQing thing that I said I'd get involved with and then haven't done so far!

11.) Finish the table runner/cushion cover out of the Petit Poulet charm pack.

12.) Make another cushion cover or two for me!

13.)Quilt and Bind my Spring Greens Quilt.

String greens

14.) Do some embroidery - maybe a decorative hoop or add more embellishment to other items

15.) Try out some bag patterns that aren't 2-4-1 totes!

Ok, that's quite enough to be going on with me thinks! :-)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Positive Retail Experiences

Random shopping bag pic because I don't like blogging without a pic.

Do you like shopping?  I ask because when Chief's plans changed and he couldn't come down until Tuesday night I was left with a day off work I didn't want to just commit to housework (However, much I probably should have!) .  I decided to pop off to Oxford to get some food treats from M&S for Chief. I thought it might be a good time to start looking (if not buying) potential gifts for Christmas. I may have lots of good intentions about a handmade Christmas; the reality is there are lots of people who won't appreciate handmade goods. There is also a strong likely hood that I may manage to make only a small percentage of what I intend. 

If I'm honest shopping does not thrill me the way it did when I was in my teens and twenties. Back in those days a few quid in my pocket, a selection of interesting shops and I'd spend wisely coming home with a variety of treats to make me smile and feel like I'd had a good shop.  Nowadays shopping feels like more of a chore, like it's lost it's magic. I sort of miss that feeling of excitement that shopping used to instill in me. The closest I get now is buying fabric online. Even that would be improved upon if I could actually go into a bricks and mortar fabric shop.  I had been unable to put my finger on why shopping has lost it's sparkle for me and then three shops in Oxford turned that around.  

You're probably sat there with bated breath (isn't that a yucky phrase? Sorry readers I don't mean to imply you all have halitosis.) wondering what on earth happened in these shops! Well, it all boiled down to  excellent customer service. Friendly and helpful staff that genuinely seemed concerned I had a positive experience in their store.  The first was Past Times. The sales assistant greeted me with a friendly smile the moment I walked in the door. She then pointed out the sales offers around the store. After awhile she asked me if I was looking for anything in particular. She offered to take the one item I had picked up to the till so I didn't have to cart it around with me.  There was small talk at the till and this feeling that I was a VIP customer.  I came away feeling that I'd had some service you'd associate with times past.

The second store to offer this great service was Fat Face. Again a greeting when I entered the store followed by did I need any help. When I bought something the sales assistant was chatty and friendly - to me! Yes, to me. If I sound surprised it's probably because the second store I went into in Oxford Covered Market (Don't know the name of the store) the staff were too busy talking to each other to notice me.  In fact when I got closer to them to browse they dropped their voices as the conversation (about someone nearly dying from falling into so water?) was obviously private. At least it proved I was not invisible. They just wanted me to be. Don't you just hate this when you are waiting to be served?

The third store to bring back some shopping magic was Lush. The staff were friendly and then this one sales assistant was brilliant. He got me trying all kinds of products. Was knowledgeable and clearly passionate about their products. He was just so enthusiastic without being pushy hard selling person.  He got me a basket to stop me having to juggle bubble bath while we played with the new shower jellies.  We had a laugh together. It felt like I was shopping with a best girl friend.

As I mooched around other stores I came to realise the magic could be brought back to my retail experience if staff were just a little more interested without being pushy and friendly rather than aloof.

You know what I did when I got home? I googled to find contact details of these stores. So far only an email address for Lush customer services.  (The other stores only appear to have contact emails for their online stores.)   I dropped Lush a line and said how impressed I'd been with the service, particularly of this male sales assistant.  When I checked my email today I'd had a lovely response back from Lush saying how pleased they were I had nice things to say and had sent such a lovely email. They told me they had passed on the comments to a delighted Oxford Store manager and that the comments would be passed on to Lush's top brass via their 'positive praise report' and the Oxford store would be recognised.  So now I feel doubly good. In a time of economic recession more stores need to lift their game and maybe more customers need to recognise the efforts of those that do?

Monday, 17 October 2011


I have three swaps that still need my attention. I am hoping it's just three swaps and I've not completely blanked out that I'm in another swap. If I have this will make my next little rant a tad ironic.  But in two of those three swaps I've not seen any sight not sound from my partner. In all but one of the previous swaps I had seen my partner at least comment on other peoples makes if not mine, join in with the general discussions and post pictures themselves. So starting off two swaps when my partner is absent is a little strange and off putting and well takes the fun out of it.  It's early days I guess and I appreciate that partners were only assigned in the last week so some people could be away or sick or something, but I am really hoping my partners jump into the swaps whole heartedly sometime...soon!!

Given my swap commitments and all my plans for Christmas makes it feels like I shouldn't be doing a project off the cuff just for myself.  It feels like I'm a being a bit naughty.

365-289 17 October 2011

I grabbed three quarters of a charm pack and decided to make some HST's with the intention of turning them into a pillow. However, I think this particular fabric Le Petit Poulet really looks like it should be gracing a table in Provence, so I thought I could use the left overs for a table runner. The latter is doubly ironic as my dining room table is rarely clear enough to eat at these days let alone lay out a table runner. I have a mind to change that over the next few months. My dining room is my least favourite room. It has a low ceiling and small window. Add to which it's north facing so not over blessed with light.  It has a work surface built into a large alcove, (originally for my computer as a little home office) which I seem unable to keep tidy and is far too dark to tempt me to sew at. The room has sort of become a dumping ground for stuff. It's too horrible for me to be brave enough to go in there right now and take a picture to share with you all. What it really needs is a make over.  It really needs some homely touches that makes me want to spend more time in this room. So I need to get organised. Formulate a plan and make it all cosy.

Saturday was a day of treats not work. I met an old School friend in Oxford for lunch. We went to Zi Zi's and had a load of tapas style dishes - very Venetian (Yes, I know tapas is Spanish, but I don't know how else to describe this.) We added some breads and olives to the dishes and still had room for a delicious pudding. The name escapes me, it comprised dough sticks drizzled in honey and pine nuts accompanied with a hot nutty chocolate dipping sauce. Think warmed nutella! It was lush so it's surprising I didn't fall asleep for the next part of the afternoon which was a trip to the Theatre.

  365-287 15 October 2011

I'd seen the old black and white movie so did know the story; although I was not prepared for the amazing set - a house that opened up and at one point fell down dramatically in the middle of the play only to reset itself afterwards. Real water rain drops falling on cobbled streets. Lots of atmosphere and a really good cast. It's no wonder the show had won awards when it showed in the West End or that the show was a sell out in Oxford.

Chief is coming down tomorrow night. I finished work early as we'd planned a few days together only one of his bosses had other ideas and he now has to work tomorrow. Although we still have Wednesday and Thursday together (Fingers crossed). Those of you that get to see your partners on a daily basis probably have no idea how excited I get at the prospect of spending just a few hours with mine - let alone two whole days running. Long distance relationships are not easy. Many of my  friends think the pressures our relationship is put under thanks to his job are crazy. I don't know that any of them would put up with it and they seem amazed I put up with it. To be honest though whilst this situation is different to the majority of military relationships, I feel while we are at war and many families are having to deal with seeing their loved one's deployed to Afghanistan, I really don't have cause for complaint if I rarely get to see Chief because of his job and the distance between us.

That said I read on another blog recently an Army wife was moaning about her husband being sent on his first deployment. She seemed less concerned with any danger associated with his deployment and more on the impact on her life and relationship and I'm afraid I had to refrain from commenting and pointing out that she had chosen to marry a solider - knowing full well he was a soldier and could get deployed (and was lucky not to before now.) At least prior to deployment she'd had some foreign postings with him and on a daily basis appears to see her other half far more than I do. I'm afraid I've had no benefits of being an army wench in my relationship to temper all the times the job has come first, at the expense of a holiday or simply seeing Chief. So yeah reading that blog post was ironic...

Friday, 14 October 2011

The NOT a Favourite things Friday post

I had high hopes of a Favourite Things Friday Post today. I had even chosen the item and mentally photographed it. But alas so much else has gone on I want to share with you, so I'll leave that post for another time.

First off THANK YOU! to everyone who offered advice or general support regarding yesterday's post about my messing up the pouch. I really did think I'd have to start again. I don't know why, but I was convinced that if I unpicked it, then it might suddenly disintegrate. I don't know exactly why I thought this, but I did.  At the very least I thought the pouch might look like it had been chewed on by a particularly naughty puppy. Anyway, my niece came round after school. I showed her the pouch. She said she couldn't see a problem. Then I did what I did to Mum last night and showed her the pouch Lynz made me in the Goodie Swap and she said, 'Ah yes, ok, see what you mean.'  So whilst we were watching some dross on TV, I picked up my unpicker and unpicked.   I figured two things: 1) My partner would not want the pouch, even as an addition in it's current state.  2)In view of point one and if I was going to make another pouch, I may as well see if I could work out where I went wrong with the pouch I had.  (Additionally I noticed I'd sewn the hexies on upside down.  The patterns were all non directional for the purpose of this pouch apart from the little pink tress...)

I started off by re attaching the ruffled fabric to the zip.  Then I sewed the pouch back together. One of the ends is still not as I would like. However, I think this might be related to the tab end construction/zip length and as I'm short on zips in the correct size, I've decided I can live with how it's come together.

 P1100466 Some of you may still be thinking: hmm is it wonky? well I think that's more down to the ruffles than my cack handed sewing so I'm happier.


See that doesn't look so bad now does it? Just need to do a fancy zipper end pull and it's no longer looking like the fabric pouch equivalent of road kill?!

It also means I can start thinking more about some other swaps. My partner in the Goodie Bag Swap may have expressed a preference for Echino so I'm hoping one of these makes her heart flitter flutter.


I also had a little surprise in the mail today. I recognised the writing straight away, although I wasn't expecting anything from this person. Anyway, my cousin Mary was having a little sort out and knowing I like to make and create she thought I may have a use for these items ('...if not just throw them out' Umm, I don't think so!!!)


The picture doesn't do the colour or texture of the top justice.


 Again the photo doesn't do the colour justice; it's a burnt orange silk mix (I'd actually wear both these tops layered over other tops, never mind cut them up. But then watching re runs of The House of Elliot tends to bring the bohemian out in me!) 

As well as the two shirts were these other goodies. P1100469

Sequins, scraps of vintage bead work and buttons. 

 I love the little buttons still attached to the card P1100471 P1100470

For some time now I've wanted to make a fabric book(s) and I think the bead work/buttons might make lovely additions!!

So that's why I haven't done a Favourite Things Friday post as planned.  Hope you all have a fun weekend!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Oh Cr** not again!

I got hit by a major dose of inspiration and started making the pouch for the Pretty Little Pouch Swap.  It did of course mean adapting this pattern by Noodlehead.  (In fact only the size and ruffly bit remain.)  Now zips don't phase me. But this pouch has got the better of me before. I blogged about it here. But lightening doesn't strike twice in the same place does it? Ha!

So I started off with these:

Some Kona and 1" Hexies

Which I sewed together to become this:


And then because the back was showing every sign of looking a bit boring I did this:


So far so good. Until I assembled the purse and it's all wonky like the first pouch. Bad enough for me to ring my hands in despair. My partner may cry if she gets this. But it's not going to be easy to unpick and repair now.  I can't face the thought of starting over and messing it up again. So it looks like it's back to the drawing board. None of my other pouches have gone like this so I can only assume that's it's the addition of the zipper end tabs - which I don't normally do. It can't be Anna's pattern. I mean come on this lady wrote the 241 tote pattern and tonnes of pretty little gathered clutch pouches can be found on flickr and blogs so it must be my crap sewing skills.

FFS I can't even take a picture of it without it being blurry!

Even trying to distract you with the lining doesn't help.


If you want me I will be doing something easy like:

 Fire eating


or Fencing


or tickling a wolf on it's tummy


Not something as dangerous as thinking I can make something for a swap without it looking so blurgh. To make matters worse I am signed up to a further 3 swaps. Partners be afraid very afraid....

In the mean time I'm going to run around the living room for a bit screaming ok?!

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