Sunday, 29 April 2012

Go Anywhere Bag (that isn't going anywhere until the weather improves!)

Go Anywhere bag front
Excuse the poor photos if I wait for good light outside 
I expect I'd be showing you this in about a months time! 

Just to recap: I have started two projects over the last week and not finished them. I've not exactly abandoned them (unless you count the way I've just abandoned them on a chair in the living room?) I've just got to a place where I need to be in exactly the right frame of mind to finish them. Mainly because I've had little drama's in making them. Sometimes it just helps to step away from the fabric. So yesterday I started a third project. The Go Anywhere Bag. I had bought the pattern what seemed like ages ago. I'd just not got around to making it. Part of it was the pattern suggested a home decor or canvas type fabric was used for the main bag body (although you could use all quilting weight fabrics, you'd just have to use interfacing.) I'd thought all the way along it would be fun to work with some heavier fabric for a change (and save me the chore of cutting out interfacing!) It's just the choice of canvas/home decor on line is pretty limiting.

Yesterday, I thought I'd bite the bullet and make the bag using fabric from my stash. I just didn't know what fabric to use. I must have spent hours trying to decide what fabric to use. I pulled fabric out of the drawer, I put it back. I pulled more fabric out of the drawer and then went back and pulled out the first set of fabric. Then I had a rummage in the bottom of a drawer in case I had some thicker fabric I'd forgotten about. I decided I'd like a bag with my cavern coloured Aviary birds. But I had no heavier weight fabric that would co-ordinate with this and part of me was thinking 'no save it for a 241 tote'. I browsed the web for a bit. I made a cuppa. I faffed.  I could have made a couple of 2-4-1 totes in the time it took me faffing about making decisions.

Once I had decided though the bag came together really quickly. Far more quickly than a 241 Tote does. (Probably because you have about 8 pieces to cut, plus handles for the Go Anywhere and about 20 pieces plus handles for the 241 Tote.) Apart from the handles. I left the handles until last as the method for these in the pattern is the birthing method. You know when you turn something inside out using an impossibly small hole ;-) Only past experience has taught me this is my least favourite method for making bag handles. (I'm much more of a fold over and top stitch, sort of girl.) I thought maybe I'd do my own thing handle wise apart from this little nagging voice that kept telling me we are probably doing the handles this frustrating way for a really really good reason, so just do as Anna says. I love Anna's patterns enough to do as she tells me!

Go Anywhere Bag - back
Back of Go Anywhere Bag
Fabric is Dizzy Dots Grey/Blue by Denyse Schmidt's Country Fair Line
Roses on Grey from Far Far Away II by Heather Ross
Lining is unspecified solid left over from backing my Mendocino Quilt.
Contrast lining of back pocket and uses for Internal Slip Pocket is Hugs and Kisses from Loulothi by Anna Maria Horner.

Go Anywhere Bag - inside pocket
Internal Pocket inside main part of bag. I also used two magnetic snaps in making the bag. 
I didn't have any sew in ones as suggested in pattern and didn't want to wait to get any.

Go Anywhere Bag - pop of coloured lining in back pocket.
Hugs and Kisses in gold colour to line the back pocket - as this pocket opens up quite wide.
 I thought a contrasting flash of pattern would be a nice detail.

These aren't the colours I'd normally go for, I'm liking how they almost seem neutral and could go with lots of different outfits including jeans and also be equally useful in the between season times when sartorial style decisions are more than a little challenging...for me at least.

I have managed to hurt my shoulder, I suspect when I was doing some FMQ on Friday and have probably made it worse with the sewing yesterday. So no I'll have day off from sewing. But not planning my next few makes!  Hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Advice needed urgently!

Ok if you read this post you'll know I had some seriously quilty trouble?  Well, I've been working on a smaller project. Which is really rather secret at the moment so I can't share it with you now. Anyhow, I got to the quilting of said small item. A cushion cover backed with fusible fleece. I got out my trusty walking foot and started to quilt and er...uneven stitch length and the foot was stuttering about just like it did when I was trying to quilt my Hope Valley Quilt. Now doing that quilt I'd assumed the extra weight had meant the quilt was having trouble feeding.  It's now occurring to me that perhaps something is wrong with my walking foot. I can't see what though. Can you oil them like you would the moving parts of your machine? Have I done something really stupid and forgotten that I need to set something on my machine? Advice is needed because I don't want to go and buy a new walking foot if I'm doing something stupid. It's always worked fine in the past. And it does seem to be feeding the layers all together it just seems to be stuttering and struggling doing it then racing ahead when it can do it; the result being some really tight together stitches followed by some normal ones.  I don't think the problem is with my machine because when I switched to my regular foot sewing was fine!

  Walking Foot
Potentially dodgy walking foot.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A little tagged diversion

I've been tagged back by the Crafty Acorn who very kindly answered the questions in this tagging post. I thought as the questions looked fun I'd reciprocate and do the answers. Consider it a bit of an interview with me.

1. What's the favourite thing you've made in your life?
Maybe my hexie quilt. Because it was such a huge achievement for me. Or creating my garden.

2. Who's your crafty inspiration?
I don't think there is one single person out there that inspires me. I get my inspiration from other bloggers (a lot of people probably sat reading this right now inspire me!) and stuff I see on flickr as well as being inspired by the natural world, my garden and a million other things that catch my eye each day.

3. What skill would you like to learn?
Paper piecing. I keep saying that, but haven't taken the plunge because it looks like you need to be super accurate and I'm not sure I am...

4. What would you choose as your last meal?
Home cooked Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, runner beans, carrots, cauliflower cheese, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, roast turnips, horseradish sauce and gravy.  (I didn't even have to think about it. I think it's a crying shame that Yorkshire Pudding is not one of our five a day!) Oh and for a starter I'd maybe go for a trio of melon with some fruit coulis. Dessert - I'd like a whole dessert trolley on hand so I could pick whatever I fancied on the day. And before anyone says would you really eat that lot for your main, the answer is yes because if this is my last meal I really don't care if I'm sick the next day do I?

5. And which 3 people would you like to share it with? (dead or alive)
If it is my last meal then I'd say my family - the ones living and the ones dead - providing they aren't like zombies cos that might put even me off my Yorkshire Pud.  Oh and Chief would be there too.

6. What animals did you have as a child? (& what were they're names & why?)
My brother had a dog called Griffy and I had a black rabbit called Twitchie Jam Jar. The family had already had a rabbit called Twitchie and I think in a argument with my brother he said, I couldn't call the rabbit Twitchie because we'd had one called that. I replied randomly: what so I'll call it Jam Jar then? And the two names got stuck together.

7. If you could ask anyone dead or alive one question, what would it be and to whom?
As for talking to dead people.  I wouldn't mind having a natter to Sir John Mills or Ronnie Barker.  Not sure I could stop with asking them just one question though. I'm sure there are a lots more people I'd love to natter to given a chance too.

8. If you opened a shop (bricks and mortar not online), what would it sell?
You're all expecting me to say Fabric aren't you? But what I'd really like to do is open a gift shop. One of those little eclectic places where you could buy bits of jewellery, bags, clothes, homegoods and a myriad of other treasures, both modern and vintage. A real Aladdins' cave of gorgeous things.

9. If you were an animal what would you be, and why?
I'm not sure what I'd be although I'd like to be a giraffe to get what it's like to feel tall and they are really really cute.

10. What's your pirate name?

My pirate name is:
Iron Anne Flint

A pirate's life isn't easy; it takes a tough person. That's okay with you, though, since you a tough person. Like the rock flint, you're hard and sharp. But, also like flint, you're easily chipped, and sparky. Arr!
Get your own pirate name from
part of the network

11. Whats your top 10 things to do from your bucket list?
I really need to go back and revise this. A few years ago I drew up a massive bucket list and did a fair number of things like learn to fence, walk with wolves, fire eat, go on the London Eye. But right now I have a mental blank and wouldn't know what would be on my top ten!

And talking of interviews I hope before too long to have my first ever interview on my blog! Exciting or what!?  I'm excited because I love reading interviews on other blogs and am really pleased someone has agreed to be interviewed on mine.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Winter Stitching - The Finale

Before I get on to telling you how well I did with Winter Stitching. (And I have no idea at the moment how well I did!) I just have to say a MASSIVE thank you to all of you that responded to my last post. I really appreciate everyone's kindness in sharing advice or stories about how difficult they find quilting big items. (If I didn't respond personally to your comment the chances are you're a 'no reply' blogger so I hadn't got details for you.)  The whole experience has really made me want to re-evaluate what I make and why. I am even more in awe of those of you out there making big quilts with even less resources than I have. It just seems that whilst many people can cope with basting king sized in a shoe box and stitching mahoosive quilts in fancy patterns on their regular sewing machine, set up on a coffee table, I don't think I have the requisite skill or talent to ever be able to do that and not completely mess it up! So if I want to make a big quilt I'm going to have to find ways round doing the steps I find such a struggle.

As an update to the colour brick quilt. I persevered with the quilting. Yes, it's wonky and the stitch length uneven, but I can and will live with that. Yes, I had further issues with quilt which I can't bring myself to go into. I have given myself a breather from it before making the the binding and sewing that on. 

But onto the winter stitching! It's come at a great time to be doing this round up, as I was just thinking yesterday how I want to draw a line under the more negative aspects of making of late and start of afresh. So if this is Winter Stitching Wrap up, I can start getting a Summer Stitching list ready soon too?

Way back here I blogged about everything I wanted to achieve and then here I did a midwinter catch up post. I'm sort of horrified to discover I had pretty much achieved everything I thought I would by the midwinter point and so there has been no progress on the stuff I still had on the list since then! So here's a nice mosaic showing you again everything on the list I got achieved (minus one bag I couldn't fit on!)

My creation

And here is a mosaic of all the stuff that's distracted me since the midwinter check in (including one bag I couldn't fit in the mosaic above!):

My creation

I think it's fair to say I must have spent a fair chunk of winter hibernating! If anyone had suggested I might actually knit two scarves when I started the list of I'd have thought they'd gone bonkers.

 I am already working on a list of summer stitching and I think I'm going to have much more fun with it!

FairyFace Designs

Saturday, 21 April 2012

The one where I decide to give up quilting.

I suspect this blog title has got a few people's attention. But it's exactly how I'm feeling right now as I write.

For me the best parts of making a quilt are: Selecting the fabric, (depending on the design, assembling the quilt top) and then hand sewing on the binding. I like the hand sewing down of the binding because it means I've actually finished and will soon have a quilt to use. The basting is a necessary evil and so is the quilting. If I had unlimited resources and weren't frightened off by all the instructions given by long armed quilters (all that stuff about seams being precisely flat in the same direction and the quilt top squared and trimmed and uncreased  blah blah blah) then I would send off my quilts to be long armed quilted. As I do not have unlimited resources, I tend to make quilts of lap size and smaller. Often bemoaning the fact I have no friends or relatives having babies and therefore needing baby quilts.

But then I fell in love with the Colour Brick quilt and finishing up at a, seemingly, manageable 68" x 53" I thought it wouldn't be too much of a challenge to baste and quilt. Oh naive fool that I am. Basting was ok- ish. I opted to baste with safety pins rather than the recommended spray baste, because I have to baste on carpet and there was no way, given my limited floor space, I could see me being able to spray the layers on the washing line and then bring them in, lay them out flat without creases and without covering myself, the carpet and anything else in the vicinity with spray baste.

Hope Valley Colour Brick - basting

Everything started to go wrong when I moved on to the quilting stage. Susan: Now I know why you refer to certain aspects of quilting as 'wresting a walrus'. Wrestle a Walrus? My colour brick quilt is more like a particularly boisterous baby elephant. I now also understand why wiser folks than I have invested in those rubber glove thingies that help you move the quilt through the machine! Who knew how unwieldy and heavy a quilt is beyond a certain size? (Well, I suspect most people reading this.)  My stitching has ended up wonky and uneven to say the least. Don't even suggest I unpick because what would be the point if it ends up looking exactly the same as it did in the first place? And I've every confidence that it will.

So I feel like giving up quilting. Stick to making bags and small items that don't require me to wrestle wild animals...and lose.  I will finish my colour brick quilt first. I will show pictures. Pictures taken so far away that you will not be able to see the bad quilting...even if you zoom in.

It does leave me with a dilemma though. I really wanted to make the vintage star quilt I told you about in this post. I even cut the patterned fabric needed to make the huge HST's to make up the star. But now I realise I will not be able to baste a 6' x 6' quilt let alone quilt the damn thing. So what to do for the best? I've got 8 18" squares of precious fabric just begging to be a star.

Precious fabrics cut into! 
After I've finished my colour brick quilt I may make myself a nice bag. Something that won't need any quilting.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Feeling Hope (Valley) Full

Hope Valley Colour Brick Quilt
Hope Valley Colour Brick Quilt

I first cut out the bricks and sashing (and a few besides) needed for a Colour Brick Quilt back in January and despite sewing a few rows of bricks together, I still had some rows to complete and all the sashing to add. The Precious QAL and the FAL  has really inspired me though and today I've completed the top. (In between being distracted by music, The Grand National and  WALL-E.) It is folded up neatly on the ironing board waiting for a trim. I'd originally thought I'd use more Hope Valley for the back, but I'm now thinking, having read the QAL instructions again, that the quilting might show up a lot better if the back is solid. So I may uses the extra bricks I have cut to make a vertical band and use some Klona (which I'd need to purchase) for the backing.

It feels so satisfying to have finished this and I can't wait to get the whole quilt finished. I am waiting on solid material before I can start the quilt I told you about yesterday. So I've spent this evening pouring over patterns on Moda Bakeshop and I've found a pattern for more precious fabric. But more on that another time. I think my sewing Mojo is back in the building folks and it's making me feel hopeful!

Friday, 13 April 2012

My Precious...

Ever since I heard about My Precious QAL I thought what a great idea I want to play. Only I didn't know what to play with. You're probably expecting me to be pulling out my Mendocino stash. I've already made a quilt out of this and I'd kind of like to see if I could get a bit more of the colours I'm missing so I could make something using a bit of every Mendocino print, in every colour way, before I cut into it again. I know there is probably more chance of me finding the holy grail or that my local wool shop (if it hadn't have closed about 10 years ago) had bolts of OOP fabrics like Uptown Birds and Neptune and were selling them off at 50p a metre...Did I just get distracted and go off into a fantasy world then?

Back in the real world the only fabric in bundle form I'd say is particularly precious is my Lark stash. But purchased last November it might be considered a bit too new for this QAL. So I've decided for my first Precious selection to pull some prints from my stash that I've been telling myself I won't cut into unless I find  the right project. I sort of pretend to myself I could cut into them any time I like, only I don't like to just yet, because, well the right project hasn't come up yet! My name's Jan and I have fabric in my stash that I don't want to cut into. I even put this fabric in with stuff in my stash I really don't mind cutting into.  (Or stuff I've cut into, before realising just how precious it was, until it went OOP and I could never get any more.)

Then I was mooching about blogland and flickr and I remembered this pattern that I've wanted to do for ages, only I've not known what fabrics to choose and then I'd have to buy lots of fabric for backing and of course the wadding, so I've been ignoring it. Until I remembered I had the perfect AMH prints in my stash. Coupled with a bit of Park Slope and some others I think it has the making of a very rich looking star. I've ordered some Cream Klona because there wasn't a suitable brown colour (that I could buy without looking at a swatch first) and I thought something light might lift it.

My Precious
A range of prints in fuschia, chocolate, orange, and duck egg

If you want to find out more about the My Precious QAL hosted by KelbySews go here.

QAL by kelbysews

Thursday, 12 April 2012

How NOT to cook a turnip!

I've had a bit of a cooking nightmare experience this evening.  A Facebook friend of mine will often have status messages about her bad cooking. I've never tried her food, but she makes it sound like she could burn salad. Her signature dish though is microwaved turnip. I'd been meaning to try this for ages, but rarely see turnips in the shop. So when I saw some earlier in Asda I bought a couple and emailed said friend to find out exactly how you make her signature dish.


 Her instructions were to stick the turnip in a bowl in the microwave, nuke it for 25 - 30 minutes, until it went all squishy and then cut in half and scoop out the insides and mash with a knob of butter. I was doubtful. So asked for further clarification.  Do I put anything else in the bowl with the turnip eg. water? Does it need pricking like you would for a baked potato.

I was told nothing other than a turnip in a bowl was required. So I did as I was told and put the microwave on...I heard a bit of spluttering and a few explosive sounds soon after and went and checked on it and it looked fine. A few minutes later I heard more explosive noises so messaged FB friend and she said it would be fine. So I left it and went back to fiddling about online...then a while later I heard something shatter, so went out into the kitchen to find it engulfed in black smoke! The microwave was on fire. I think I shouted: "THE KITCHEN IS ON FIRE!" and managed to get to the microwave to switch it off. I figured if I didn't try and open the door the fire may burn itself out inside the microwave. Eventually when I did open the microwave this sight greeted me.

Photo 2
Aftermath - cracked, burnt out bowl and no sign of the turnip.

Photo 3
The turnip was burnt out in the corner of the microwave.

Photo 4
The turnip!

So now my house stinks of smoke and my Microwave may never be the same again.  Cook? Hmm no a trip to the Fish and Chip Shop for me!

Photo 5

I've since discovered that in the North East of England where my FB friend lives, they get huge turnips. Much larger than we get in the shops down here. So nuking a turnip of this size for maybe 16 minutes was rather over doing it...

And if anyone has any tips on how to remove the smell of smoke from my house I'd greatly appreciate it!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Finish-A-Long Q2 (or 101 excuses for why these aren't finished already!)

Was it me or did quarter one of the FAL fly by quickly (Umm maybe two quickly for some of us to get more than one thing off their list done?)  I feel like I need a great big old heap of motivation right now. It seems the nearest I am getting to sewing at the moment is opening the fabric drawer, taking out some fabric, stroking it and then putting it back. To be fair I started to sew earlier and then Chief phoned and I never went back to it. Easily distracted? me? Noooooooo. Ooooh shiney thing over there...

See what I mean?

Top of my FAL Q2 has to be this Hope Valley Quilt I so long ago I can't actually remember. I think what's distracted me from finishing this is not knowing what I'm going to back it with. I don't need much of a stumbling block for something to languish in my unfinished pile. Hmmm.

Hope Valley Colour Brick Quilt WIP!

But now I really want to finish this quilt. Especially as I've joined this group on flickr. A QAL that's encouraging us to use up our beloved fabric not hoard it. I'm struggling to find an uncut range of fabric in my stash that I have been hoarding not using. (Yes, nobody mention my Mendocino stash - I've made one quilt out of it so far so I feel justified in taking my time with what I do with the rest ok? )  But if I'd not cut into my Hope Valley already it would definitely fit into the category of lovely precious fabric in my stash. In my book there is only one thing infinitely worse than hoarding precious fabric in your stash and that's cutting into that fabric and leaving it in a heap unfinished. Sacrilege people!

Item two on my list is something I'd forgotten I started until I looked at April 2011 in my blog archive earlier and realised I cut these Dresden wedges out and um haven't done anything more.

Dresden wedges cut!
Dresden as per a QAL with Lily's Quilts

Now I never intended to do the full big quilt of these so it's shameful I've not managed one. The thing is I have curveaphobia. It's quite serious. I think of sewing all those together and that's fine. But after than I not only need to get the right size inner circle cut out and sewn but the outside curves too. I'm starting to hyperventilate just thinking about it.

Hit and Miss
Hit and Miss Quilt

The Hit and Miss quilt was on the list quarter one. I seem to remember saying I'd finish it and give it to my niece for her birthday. Well I missed that as her birthday was last month. I did work on it a bit. In as much as I'd already got a purple bed sheet from Asda to back this. However I could only get fitted sheets and spent ages unpicking the elastic out of it. So now this quilt top is crumpled up on the spare bed, with the bed sheet - where I slung it in a hurry as my niece was coming round and I didn't want her to see it!

Now if I could just get these three sorted then my unfinished pile would have just about halved I reckon and I'd feel more than justified in starting new projects. 

Wish me luck!

2012 Finish-A-Long

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter Part 2

Back to work for me tomorrow. I tagged an extra day onto the long weekend with a day off work. Actually I only took today off because Chief had tomorrow off and it seemed silly for me to go back to work for one day then have a day off to spend with him. Notice I said, 'Chief had tomorrow off.' Past tense. All leave cancelled. Back to work for him so I've texted the boss and told him to expect me back at work tomorrow.

Yesterday, I got the news that leave was likely to be cancelled and I took my frustration out on some spring cleaning in the bedroom and then made some lovely watercress soup for lunch. I'm not a soup person. However, when a cousin served this up as a starter when I visited a few years ago, I really loved it. Said cousin had asked if my friend and I had any foodie dislikes as we were stopping for a couple of nights. I told her not to worry feeding us we'd eat out. My mind went completely blank and I said we liked everything. It was a rash statement given I'm not a soup person; dislike peas intensely, don't like liver or no fan of mashed potato or that I'm squeamish about other people cooking me eggs. Hate Curry. Oh the list could go on and on I'm sure! So when she served up soup the colour of peas I did think: 'Why didn't I mention I'm not a soup person?!' and then I tasted it and it was fabulous.

Home made Watercress soup
Watercress Soup

For the rest of the day I vegged out with a book and watched some TV. 

Afterwards by Rosumund Lipton

Today I was up even earlier than I would be on a work day because I booked an eye test at 8.50. It was either this or a 13.40 appointment and I wanted the rest of the day to do as I please, not have it punctuated by an appointment.  What I didn't realise was I'd have to get a bus before 8am in the morning in order to make the appointment on time. I didn't need to get new glasses, because my prescription hasn't changed and  the optician thinks it's unlikely to now.  I wanted to replace my sunglasses though because I don't think they're that flattering and tend to let light in above because they're quite narrow. As they'd got a 2 for 1 deal on it seemed silly not to get a second pair or regular glasses while I was there. I did a few chores and managed to arrive home with time to gate crash a lunch date mum had with a friend. I'd rushed out with only the phone in my camera (which is not great!) so not many photos.

Lemon Tart - I didn't eat all the cream - far too much even for me.

We went back via a local farm shop. And I really wished I did have my camera with me because there was an abundance of cute animals. Like Gloucester Old Spot piglets and Badger Faced Lambs! I did get a snap of this chap (chapette?) who obligingly let us pet him and had very soft snugly fur - I was sort of expecting it to feel rough.

A reindeer  in the heart of the Oxfordshire Countryside

And that's my Easter done with for another year. Hope you all have had a lovely one too!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Part I

If I don't start sharing my Easter with you now I'll end up doing a post so mahoosive you'll still be reading it next Easter!

Good Friday my friend Sal and I visited two gardens in heart of the Cotswolds. The first was Batsford Arboretum, which we'd last visited together 6 years ago! How times flies. I didn't think it was that long. Batsford holds the national collection of Japanese flowering cherries and as these flower in spring it seemed like the ideal time to go. Especially as they also have over 70 different kinds of Magnolia's (Who knew there were so many different kinds anyway?!)

blossom in every shade of white and pink was everywhere

The Cherry blossom was gorgeous

And there were some pretty and unusual magnolias, again in every shade of pink. 
Sadly the frost had done for some of the blooms


If you want to see more photos from my Batsford trip then go to this flickr set.  After lunch, in the cafe at Batsford, we went across the road (Literally - as the entrance is directly opposite) to Sezincote, which is a gem of a garden that I suspect is often passed over by people heading for either the Arboretum or other attractions in the area.

Sezincote, Glos

Just as it is surprising to find Waddesdon Manor in the heart of the Buckinghamshire countryside, it's equally surprising to find Sezincote in the middle of the Cotswolds.

There was a swing and it said use at your own risk. 
Hey, I've walked with wolves and eaten fire I can cope with a tree swing!

Elephant love

I love elephants

More Sezincote photos can be found here.  We popped back to the cafe at Batsford for tea and cake to refuel us for the journey home.  Yesterday morning I popped into Oxford. The weather was not great. My intention to play tourist and take photos with my camera as practice (I certainly need it!) fell by the wayside as I decided to shop instead. Today has been a more laid back day with a nice roast lunch, a good book and then I made my traditional Easter cake.

Easter Sunday
It has passion fruit butter cream inside!

Tomorrow I'd planned on a day out with my Mum. The weather forecast may force us to change our plans. I might actually get some sewing done. I've been neglecting my making of late. I'd felt bad about that. Then I realised I make for my own enjoyment and somewhere along the line my eagerness to keep up with this whole wonderful creative community of quilters has inadvertently made me feel under pressure to be churning out quilts and bags and other fabric goodies at least every other blog post. I have put myself under that pressure because it really does feel that if you snooze in blog land you miss out on a great QAL or line of fabric or the swap of the century. So I need to work on getting some balance back into my creating v. the rest of my life.  Does anyone else feel if they aren't keeping up what's going on in this great community will pass them by? 

So that is my Easter so far. I hope you're having a great one!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

A catch up!

I seem to spend most of these days catching up and blogging - both reading and writing, seems to have taken a bit of a back seat. I didn't link up to Sew Fresh Sewing day this month. I had made stuff. But there was an item or two I couldn't show because they were present related. So I decided as I'd blogged about everything else I'd leave it this month.

I can reveal one of the mystery items made last month:

Make up pouch for a friend
Zippy Make up Pouch

A friend dropped a hint she'd like a make up bag. The colours I used were largely dictated by the zips I had. I have quite a bag of zips. But why is it I've never got the right colour zip in the right length? So I ended up using a green zip and choosing fabric to coordinate. I opted for the green Tufted Tweets chair fabric and added a raw edge applique birdie and some flowers. Very much following the Use don't Hoard! instructions when I won a give away Alison had. I've cut into the third quarter of fabric I won, to make not only the cue little birdie but also line the pouch.  The buttons came from the prize I won and told you about here. As for the ends. We're not going to talk about those. 

If we get any rain over Easter (and I'm sure we will) I will be making I'm sure!  But tomorrow I'm hoping for a fine day as I'm out with a friend and we have a day of outdoor activities planned.  I'll push my luck a bit further and hope that the day Chief has off of work on Wednesday to spend with me, goes ahead. Earlier he confirmed it's 100% safe. There are some of unusual things going on at work for him at the moment it had looked a bit doubtful. It's already looking like he won't be able to come down next Saturday as planned or come down on Tuesday night to stay over, so we can get an early start on Wednesday. His work can be demanding (shall we say?) at the best of times, without extra major dramas. So I'm still bracing myself for the call that says - I'm really sorry, but I've got to work... 

Have a lovely Easter! 
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