Monday, 29 October 2012

A Post about Post

For all of those of you bored by my non sewing posts I can reveal a bit of sewing today and also some sewing-related stuff in the post.

Firstly the out going stuff. In Bee a Brit Stingy we had a mini swap of a pin cushion for the person who's month was after ours.  I was making for the lovely Di and as it wasn't a secret swap we decided not to post sneaky peeks. As a result I had to wait until Di had received in order to be able to show you what I made. A swap where you know the partner but don't seen sneaky peeks in the group of what everyone else is making can be a bit of a challenge.  Well for me at least.

Front  of Pinnie for Di
I thought I'd try my hand at some stamping and 
I think every project I worked on that weekend got stamped!

I got paranoid my little pinnie was not 'enough' (and I completely missed the bit in the discussion threads about sending a sweet treat!) so I made Di a pinnie and a thread catcher. I used this tutorial for the Thread Catcher. Despite starting with the same sized fabrics as in the tutorial I was surprised it came out so wee. I could still do with one myself though!

Reverse of Pincushion for Di
Thread catcher and rear of pinnie.

Saturday my goodies from my most recent fall from the Not-Buying-Fabric waggon arrived in the post. I was too busy to get a photograph of them until now.  This bundle of goodness rocked up from Gone to Earth (Along with some magnetic bag snaps and some fusible fleece which I didn't bother to photograph due to them not being that photogenic.)

Some older Anna Maria Horner and some
 Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow

Then today I had two bits of postal loveliness. It's Catherine's month in the HipBee's and she's asked us to make Lynne's Square Bob Sponge Pants block. (OK I know I have that completely wrong but I'm in a hurry and I'm sure you know the block I mean!).  These are the lovely fabrics she sent us to play with.   


Also in the post was my winnings from Lucy's recent giveaway. Thank you Lucy!


I've got so many ideas of what I want to do with these Wellie Wearing Donkey's I'm not sure which will the best use of them.  Also I have another Moo Card for my collection (Which excited me as much as the fabric. I'm so easily pleased!).  (That's two now. I don't count the ones people punch holes in to use as tags.) Even though I've had moo cards for a long while now I only got excited about the collecting potential when Katy let me choose a moo card from her set when she broke down on the way home from the retreat. I immediately was drawn to the bear with a camera  (for obvious reasons). All of a sudden I felt the need to collect and swap moo cards, a bit like top trumps! The real specials in the collecting are ones that seem to have been made just for me - Lucy's moo card definitely fits into this category.  What you probably can't tell from the little moo card is the embroidered girl is not only stood on a pile of books and I love reading but she has the initial J on her chest. My initial.  If you haven't got your own moo cards you really do need go make some. (Not least because at some point I'll probably want one!) You can go here to get started.

So that's my post about post. Had any good post lately?

Sunday, 28 October 2012

No Sew Weekend

A no sew weekend has followed a no sew week!  Like most people I find I either have lots of social things on or none at all. This last week has been full of stuff that's kept me away from the sewing machine.  Friday was our village trivia quiz and guess who was on the winning team? Yep, our team the Secret 7. (There was 7 of us too not the 8 we could have had on the team!)

Yep that's me back home with the trophy! Which I get to hold for 6 months until the spring trivia quiz.  Going into the last round we were a point behind another team.  As everyone has to call their scores out and they went before us we knew we'd won the moment they shouted out 27 as we had 30!  We also got little bottles of wine.

The Secret 7 do it again 

Yesterday I was off to a book-crossing meet up. Despite taking a camera and it being on the table for a lot of the meet up I didn't take a single picture. Shame really as there were some new-to-me book-crossers.   I came home with some books. A couple won in the book swap game and a few recommendations. The one on the top of the pile was written by my A Level English teacher and is inspired by the Old House at my old school so I've wanted to read this for ages.

Books picked up today. 

Today I've been trying to get rid of stuff.  We have more stuff than our little house can hold and it doesn't help we have no loft or even a large cupboard to hide stuff in.  I found my old school books in a box under my Mum's bed. I set about ripping most of them up for recycling, which is collected tomorrow.  I did keep back a few from my infant days.  I kind of wonder what went through the head of my infant self as I read my 'News Book'.

In my 'R.I' book we'd obviously had to write about our self.

My hair was never long enough for a plait at 6 so there was a bit of artistic licence.


It seems books were quite a priority even aged 6!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

News From the Hovel

This week has been too busy for sewing so far.  I'd love to tell you why it's been so full, but I've forgotten some of it already. I won't mention again where I was on Monday for fear of upsetting Helen.  I do remember Tuesday was Book Group. A chance to get together with a lovely bunch of ladies and discuss the book of the month and find out what book we'd be reading next month. After going to another stunning house in the village (Another old farm house with a living room the size of, oh  I dunno, my cottage's ground floor!) I've come to the conclusion I not only live in the smallest house in the village, but in a hovel compared to most others.

Then today after work I headed off to an area of verge by the village green where we (we being the Parish Council) had decided to plant some daffodil bulbs.  The Clerk had put out pleas for councillors to help with the planting.  For various reasons I was the only one that made it. Luckily between the Clerk, her husband and I, we were soon able to get the sack of bulbs planted.  I certainly have a varied range of duties as a Parish Councillor, but it feels so lovely to be able to give something back to the village where my mother's family have resided for generations. As the bulb planting went quicker than expected I came home and planted some bulbs I'd bought for my own garden. Every year we get a few and some years we manage to plant them! (Not let them go manky in the bag, to be discovered in the spring.)


Before I went off to plant bulbs I did have chance to open my mail.  Two items of interest to share with you.

First up in Bee a Brit Stingy we decided to have a mini swap. The Bee doesn't start until January and having a little swap was a great way of keeping up interest and getting to know each other. There were no sneaky peeks as we made for the person who's month was after ours in the Bee, so knew who was making for us.  I deliberately didn't look who was making for me so it was a double surprise. Today this lovely beauty arrived from Emily:



It matches the machine cover I made a treat. Which is quite serendipitous as Emily actually made this before I made the machine cover. I can of course put the pinnie by the machine and make out like it was all planned like this all along ::wink:: ::wink::

This next piece of mail was the one I mentioned I was waiting for last time.  As I was woefully short on thread and hadn't had the best of experiences with the one spool of 50wt Aurifil  I bought (It shredded really badly for hand piecing - although the same spool was fine for machine quilting Mum's quilt.) I decided to try out this brand that Alison recommended.  I got 4 Spools of 50wt cotton and some spun polyester.  I haven't had chance to use any yet but I will report back.


Each one of these spools cost £3.80 for 1000m so it's cheaper than Aurifil. However, the postage on this lot was extortionate - in my opinion anyway. (There was a reason I was invited to Bee a Brit Stingy!)  It cost a whopping £5.00.  Given it was then sent second class and didn't weigh very much, and the order was received today (25th) when I placed the order on the 18th, it's not the sort of service I expect for £5.00. I think the postage was excessive compared to other UK sewing companies.  

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Pondering while I'm waiting for the Postie

I am expecting quite a few bits of fun mail at the moment so the first thing I check on when I arrive home is the post pile.  Today the fabrics I ordered last week from Pink Castle Fabrics arrived.  I can't believe how quickly they arrived. Especially as an order I placed from the UK for something has still not arrived and that was placed earlier! All the more frustrating as their postal charges were not cheap! But anyway this is what I snagged in the 25% off sale over at Pink Castle Fabrics. I'm happy with what I did get and wish I'd got a few other things while I was there (there was another item that turned out to be out of stock when I'd placed the order). Still mustn't be greedy.

Falling off the wagon

While I've been waiting for my other mail to arrive I've been pondering wadding. I know it's not the most exciting thing to day dream about but buying wadding for me is right up there with buying thread. I really don't like having to when I could be spending that money on fabric. That said I'm almost out of wadding (thanks to the whole frankenwadding episode when doing Mum's Christmas quilt.) If I see a good deal I'll sometimes stock up. But it does seem to have become very expensive in the last 18 months, no doubt due to some cotton crisis. Anyway, where do other UK quilters buy their wadding? And do you find it's better to buy pre-packed (which is what I've normally done) or buy it by the metre? Am I missing a trick and is there some fab place to get wadding in the UK without breaking the bank or finding you need to store a massive, expensive roll of it?

The other thing I've been pondering is the whole Go! Baby v. Sizzix. Do I need either? Should I be putting one on my Christmas list and if so which one. I am not great at cutting. It's the bit I'm the least accurate with and why I don't attempt things like drunkards paths or apple cores. I tried my hardest to win a Go! When they were being handed out all over blog land like smarties, but alas it wasn't to be. Now I see a few people have Sizzix and maybe that's the way to go. Bottom line should I be putting one of these on my Christmas list or do they take up too much space and are they the quilting equivalent to a bread/ice cream maker (ie. people get them, use them once and then stick them in the back of the cupboard never to be used again?)

And if I don't put one of these cutting machines on my Christmas list and don't ask for my body weight in wadding is there anything else useful I haven't got I should be asking Santa for?

Monday, 22 October 2012


Maybe it was because I'm back from the dentist after having a filling and I also got the all clear on the dental surgery I had a couple of years ago. (There was a hairy moment when the dentist thought the cyst was back and had started eating into my tooth - until we looked at the X-Rays together and I reminded her I'd had surgery and er...didn't that remove the base of my tooth along with the cyst and the damaged surrounding area?) But she'd forgotten about the surgery and actually the bone is looking very healthy with no sign of infection. Phew!

Or maybe it's because I got Mum's quilt finished while she was away, and I got my my blog hop post done in time for yesterday; as well as finishing my book club book in time.

Of course it might be because I've actually done 11 of the 17 items I put on this list last month.

It might have been because the weather was miserable and grey today so I needed some colour to cheer things up.

Mist and Murk

Then again maybe it was just because...

But I fell off the Not-Buying-Fabric waggon for the second time in about a week.  I can't wait until the goodies arrive and I can start showing you them. After that you see me buying fabric and it's still this year you have to shout at me REALLY loudly!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

It's My Turn: The Travelling PicStitch Blog Hop

Hello! Today it's my turn on the:

 From 1st October - 30th November we are hopping all over the world EPP-ing in some fantastic locations.  Check out the full list here and be sure to check out the other participants.

This is my first blog hop (I think I'd just told Katy how my blog wasn't the sort of blog that got invited to stuff like Bloghops and then she invited me just to prove me wrong!)
This blog hop is right up my street because it involves photography and English Paper Piecing; two of my most favourite things to do.

I decided right from the start that whatever EPP I chose (and I had no idea) I'd be using Oxford as my place.  Oxford is my nearest city.  I've resided about 6 miles outside of Oxford all my life.  Even though I'd happily live or stay most places I'd always want to be able to come back to Oxford.  Whilst many locals slate the city for it's lack of independent shops and extortionate parking fees it is very popular with tourists. (Which some locals complain about too!) People come from all over the world to visit this city so it seemed wrong to not showcase it in this blog hop, in favour of another more exotic  colourful locations.  Like most cities the pictures you take tend to be quite neutral in colour palette.  I did colour palettes for a few pictures hoping (a tad optimistically) to get some great colours to work with, but they all came out quite similar.
The above picture is of Christchurch College, The interior was the inspiration for the Great Hall in Harry Potter. It's also got big connections with Lewis Carroll who wrote Alice in Wonderland.  The Cathedral is the other side of this building. 

This is the Radcliffe Camera.  I've never been inside here, but it's quite an iconic building.

This is Keble College from University Parks (Hence the flowers in the foreground.)

In the end though I decided to chose this picture:

Punts for hire by Head of the River 34_palette

This is at the edge of the River Thames in Oxford.  Although when it runs through Oxford it's known as The Isis.  Yes, that's where the Isis in my blog name comes from too.  So that decided it.  Punting is a popular activity on the rivers in Oxford.  Katy may also recognise this part of Oxford from her trips here to do with rowing.

Picking fabrics was hard. Really hard. Whilst I have quite a lot of low volume fabric, I'm normally all about the bright saturated shouty fabrics.  I really struggled to find a suitable green:


I ended up ditching the seeds (because I couldn't find enough) and also the linen. I'll probably use the linen to back my block though.

I went with the Spring Carnival/Ferris Wheel Block.


Despite taking a tonne of pictures I couldn't get one decent one!  I'm not sure what I'll end up doing with this. I think maybe I'll applique it onto some linen and turn it into a pouch.

It was interesting choosing fabrics by photo colour palettes. Something I've never done before. And a great idea for turning your holiday snaps inspiration into a fabric item.

You may want to get English Paper Piecing from your travel photographs as

on 30th November it's over to you to link up for a chance to win these fabulous prizes! Sponsored by Paperpieces.comFabricwormPink Castle Fabrics  Marmalade Fabrics, the Fat Quarter ShopWantItNeedItQuilt, and Aurifil.
Full details for competition entry can be found here.

Next on the blog hop will be Lucy so do remember to stop by her blog tomorrow and see her post.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

What's been going on round here

I'll start with the bad. That way we can forget all about it and get on to the lovely stuff. Chief made it down Thursday night. (No that's not bad.) What was bad was he just phoned me to say he was on his way and I heard a really loud bang, like the phone had hit something. He said it wasn't the phone it was the car only he wasn't sure what. I urged him to pull over and check but he wouldn't. His thinking was if there was a problem with the car he'd have to turn back. But if he didn't know there was a problem he could continue.(To break down in the middle of nowhere?)  A while later I get another call. He was pulled over at the side of the road near a cafe with a tyre that was hanging off the wheel. His spare is one of those baby ones designed to get you to the repair shop not long distances to your other half. I think I was so shocked I was stunned into silence.  (Which is a rare event.) He said he had no option but to put on the spare then go back to camp and see if someone could lend him a wheel. Gutted doesn't come near it.

Phone call three was a lot more excited. He'd been chatting to a passing breakdown man and he reckoned Chief had hit a pot hole and that often that can pop off and deflate a tyre. He said he'd put the tyre back on, pump it up and see if it was ok. Yipeeeee! Unfortunately the repair man couldn't fix it. However, he did have a just legal wheel on the back of his truck that he said would do the job safely as long as Chief drove steadily. It would get him down to me but then he'd need a new tyre asap.  Chief was bracing himself for a large bill but it turned out the repair man was ex-army too and did this all as a favour!

So it was very very late when Chief limped down to me. We were both half asleep and it was the early hours before we actually got to sleep.

The next day Chief left me in bed and went off to get his tyre replaced.  There is a local tyre shop so I told him to try there. They sorted him put (much cheaper than the replacement he had to have a couple of weeks ago when he shredded another tyre - no he's not having much luck!) and by 9.30am he was back delivering me a smoked salmon/cream cheese bagel breakfast in bed followed by pancakes and maple syrup!

We took ourselves off to Otmoor. Not before he'd been out to get some drinks and scooby snacks and me some flowers!

Otmoor looked quite bleak and there weren't too many new bird spots. Lots of Twitchers hoping to see Bearded Tits.  The new spot for me were Stonechats. There were a few on the edge of one of the reed beds. They get their name from the distinctive call they make which sounds like two stones being knocked together.

Stonechat, Otmoor Nature Reserve

Unfortunately he was unable to stay over last night as hoped as work needed him back. (Sad face.) But we made the most of our time together.  

More bad news came with this lovely bundle of goodies I bought from Sew Fresh Fabrics.


They had a sale which seemed a great time to stock up on some half yards and fat quarters. Now I'm always being told I'm far to cautious with fabric buying and that it doesn't matter if you go over the £15 customs tariff as they rarely check and it seems lots of you are buying stupid amounts of fabric on a regular basis and never get caught. However the one time I go over I get stung! I was £4.11 over the £15 allowance with this lot and got stung for nearly £12 customs excise. Ouchy.


Ironically I'd have been under if I hadn't opted to buy the Melody Miller fabric. I'm not sure why I did buy it. I'd already discussed with someone how the scale of the vinyl was far larger than I thought which would make it difficult to turn into a framed pouch. I guess I optimistically thought I'd be able to make something else with it for the vinyl loving friend. If you haven't seen it this will give you an idea of how crazy big those records are. I wonder what Melody thought we'd all be making with a fabric pattern this size? I really most see if I can find out how other people have been using it.

A modern cd next to the vinyl print. (I did have to smile when I saw one of the records says
The Ginger Monkeys on it. I wonder if Katy has used it in a project?)

I'm just hoping when I fell of the fabric waggon when Pink Castle Fabrics had their recent sale that I wasn't over the allowance again as that'll be £25 gone with no more fabric to show for it.  

As the weather was so lovely Mum and I took ourselves off to Waterperry Gardens for a walk about at lunch time. I haven't sorted all the photos out yet.  I did like the light coming through this autumnal vine though.  

Autumn Colours

I've also signed up to round 2 of The Scrappy Swap so made this mosaic which just shows how drawn I am to bright colours.

Scrappy Swap Round 2
Just click on the picture to be taken to flickr to see the photo credits.

Today I got on with my EPP for the blog hop tomorrow. So excited about my first blog hop so I do hope you'll check back again then.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Ta - Dah!

Three afternoons/evenings of solid sewing and Mum's quilt got made. So today I braved the wind (Weather not me you understand!) in order to take a few snaps in the garden. Not easy when alone as this is the second largest quilt I've ever completed and it's too big for the fence and having just washed it I only laid it on the wet grass very gingerly (after I'd first checked for cat sh**, as the neighbourhood cats seem to think our lawn is a giant litter tray.)  So this is not the most glamorous photo shoot. I'd love to be one of the cool quilters that gets shots of their quilts in amazing locations like oh I don't know hanging off the North Pole or draped over an ever so cool aged post and rail fence with some great wilderness behind. But alas, it's my garden...again.

The big wrinkles are more to do with the grass it's laying on and the wind.


The back doesn't show so clearly.  The grey side bits are Kona Ash. The rest of the fabric is from It's a Hoot  by Momo range. (Including that last minute bottom added in strip.)

Again it's not wonky it's just the wind and surface it's laid on.  Ok some of the quilting is a tad wonky. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

I think Mum is going to love the bright candy colours



The deets for those who'd like them:

  • I used a charm pack and layer cake of It's a Hoot by Momo and referenced this lovely pattern. 
  • The backing uses a yard of the feature print from It's A Hoot as well as other random pieces from the same range and a yard of Kona Ash.
  • The binding is cut from more It's a Hoot and pieced to give a scrappy binding.
  • The Wadding is Warm and White (About a zillion pieces joined together.)
  • The finished size is 70" x 53"
I have the day off of work today and was intending to go into Oxford, but on my way to the bus stop I realised how tired I felt and how much housework I have to do before Chief arrives later tonight. So I detoured to the supermarket and have spent the morning doing housework. It's the boring option but clearly the sensible one as I've got so much left to do and it really does need doing!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wednesday Washing

A Quilt in Three Days!

Not the most exciting picture you've seen.  But inside there, right now is my quilt. The one I've been making for Mum for Christmas. I started it on Monday and finished about 15 minutes ago! I still have the label to do but wanted to get it washed as that will be another hard thing to do when she's around. 

I love how it's turned out and hope to get some proper photos tomorrow. 

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


To quote the immortal Homer Simpson.

Quilting begins 

I've messed up so many times this afternoon I really am surprised I'm not running round the living room like a lunatic pulling clumps of my hair out whilst screaming.  So no shouting at me Hadley, I'm having a time out with a cuppa.

By the time I went to bed last night Mum's quilt top was pieced. I got into bed, reached behind the bed where I have some packs of wadding stashed only to discover that the two I had were both too small. I had no time to get any delivered so resolved I'd join a couple of packs together.

So I get home from work today and start to piece the quilt back. I don't like piecing quilt backs which is why I like quilts that use WOF, so the most I have to do is go and stitch a few strips together. I had a yard of one of the big scale prints from It's a Hoot and figured I could sash either side with some Kona Ash.  I had another yard of one of the blenders from the line and thought I could put a band top and bottom of the feature print panel, again sashed in Kona Ash. I measured cut and sewed. Only somehow when I started sewing the top and bottom panels they didn't line up. I must have cut the fabric the wrong way so the length was actually different to the feature panel. As time was up against me I left it thinking I could stick a label over that bit. It's not out by much and it is the back.

Then I moved on to the joining of the batting. This is where Frankenwadding was born. I had a pack of wadding in my scraps so I thought I could use that rather than both of the packs I'd had behind my bed. Only when I opened up the pack I'd already used some previously. Not to worry I thought and I set about cutting and zigzagging the two bits of wadding together. (I had to add in another bit where it just fell short.) So far so good. Until I laid it on the backing piece and realised I'd joined the wadding to the wrong end and I now had a really long narrowish length of wadding. Hmmm Ok I'd be using both packs from behind the bed after all. I measured, cut and joined a strip of wadding and went back to the machine to zig zag. Job done.

You know what's coming next don't you?

I zigzagged the strip onto the wadding and trimmed off the excess. There was quite a chunk of excess....I laid it on the backing and Wow! Now I had a really REALLY long narrowish strip of backing. Out came the scissors again. More chopping more joining and I finally sewed the extra where it should be. A few wrinkles in one part which I'm hoping will not cause too many drama's as they're near the edge. I laid the quilt top on the batting and started to baste. Out came the safety pins. I just got to the bottom where I still had quite an overhang of batting. I put my hand under one edge where I could feel it was caught up and on lifting up the batting I discovered the back was smaller than the top!!!!!!!

So now I did something that will tell you exactly why I'd never get into one of those proper quilt guilds. I joined some strips cut from some FQ's I had of this range and without pinning I picked up the basted quilt and went and joined an extra strip on the bottom of the back whilst the rest of the quilt was basted.

(I'm picturing a few people gasping in shock, one fainting, one wondering what sort of blog this is and the majority of you laughing your F****ing heads off!)

We need not mention that whilst this was going on I was trying to unsuccessfully load new internet security on my lap top. Or the bit where I discovered I couldn't put together the table extension to my sewing machine.

Anyway, I've started straight line quilting.

And if you're as dopey as me with this quilt maths measuring wotsit then I suggest you follow this series over at Lily's Quilts.

Lily's Quilts Math

I intend using the first post to calculate how much binding I need to make. As it seems more sensible than guessing like I normally do and either finding I'm 6 inches short of binding and having to join a bit on whilst the rest is attached to the sewing machine or I make so much I could use it to gift wrap my house.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Under Pressure

If I'm a little bit quiet around here over the next week it maybe because I am under a little bit of pressure.

First there is this:

Excuse the edge of the bin and the laundry basket in shot. 
I was in too much a hurry to change the camera lens to one that would get a better shot.

I came straight in from work made a cuppa, cut up a layer cake I'd got a while back in a destash and grabbed the charm pack I'd got and started laying out a plus quilt. It is for my Mum. Her Christmas present. This was the fabric she got all excited about when she saw a few quarter yard cuts I'd picked up in a sale.  It's unusual for her to get all fabric excited so when she did, I just knew I had to get some more and make her a quilt. This week she's on holiday in Norfolk. It gives me a few days to get a quilt made without her seeing it and asking awkward questions about what I'm making and for who. So if you happen to see her don't tell what I'm at. Mum is most definitely the word...


The rows are sewn together and just need joining to each other.  Hopefully I'll have the top and the back pieced ready for basting tomorrow.  

If I just had the quilt to do I wouldn't be feeling under pressure. But add to that I have this to read before the next book group meeting...early next week!


I've read two chapters so far!

Then add to that the 21st of this month is my turn in the Travelling Pic Stitch Blog hop and I've done nothing more than look at a few pictures and wonder why there isn't more colour for me to play with in the pictures I want to use.

Oh and did I mention I have Thursday and Friday off of work so will get no stitching or reading done as Chief is coming down and I'll have other stuff to do either getting ready for him to arrive or spending time with him. Can  you hear the edge of panic creeping into my voice?

So this week I may be quiet and the sound track to my week will definitely be under pressure.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Hexagon Key Fob Tutorial

To make up for being such a tease in the last blog post telling you how I'd be making, but not sharing much with you, I decided to take pictures of the key fob I made my partner in round two of Mouthy Stitches, as I went along and now I have a tutorial to share with you in case you fancy whipping one up.

This is the fob I made:

This side is made from the same yarn dyed Essex as I used in the tote and  I added some more 
perle stitching. The potential for customisation is huge...buttons anyone?

The flip side I used a scrap of the lining fabric.

So do you want to make a fob like this? It's so easy I can guarantee it'll take me longer to write this tutorial than it will be for you to make one (and hey I type fast!).

If you do want to make one you will need:

A couple of scraps of fabric. (Work on the assumption your scraps are 5" square and you'll have plenty to work with.)

Some paper for a template. My hexie was 1.5" I used triangle template from here because it allowed me to decide exactly what size I wanted by eye. If you know what size you want your fob to be you might want to go straight to the hexagon paper generator they have.

A couple of scraps of Fusible or Non Fusible Fleece. I used non fusible fleece because I couldn't find any fusible scraps.  It's best to not use cotton batting as the fleece is a little bit firmer and makes an easier template to work with.

Key fob sized Split Ring. Not sure where I got mine from. Probably ebay. You can also rob an old key ring you might have.

Scrap of ribbon or tape at least 1/2" wide by 4.5" long. If you haven't got any ribbon or tape you could make your own just like you would binding.

Right lets get started!

Cut yourself a hexagon template and cut your two scraps leaving about 1/4 - 1/2" seam allowance. It doesn't have to be exact but it is best to cut the scraps hexagon shaped.

Next use your template to trace a new template onto the fleece/fusible fleece scraps. You will need to do this twice.

Pin the fleece template to the centre of the wrong side of one of the fabric scraps.  Then fold over two sides of the fabric as if you're going to baste an English Paper Piece template.  However, you're only going to sew the corners with a few whip stitches. Catch only the seam allowance and the fleece. Do not go through all the layers so that the stitches show on the front. Some people choose to baste their EPP this way. If you're one of those you'll find this easier.


Move onto the next corner. You can do some really large stitches to get there instead of securing the thread cutting before moving on to the next one. Again just make sure you don't go through all the layers to the other side of the hexie.


When you flip it over you want to see that there are no 'basting' stitches on the good side.


You want to do this until you've fully basted both hexies.


Now's the time to do any embroidery or quilting. I decided to do perle quilting on the linen side to match the tote bag I made.

Next place both hexies right sides together and secure with a pin. Starting at one corner whip stitch the two hexies together - just as you would if you were joining hexies together if doing English Paper Piecing.  Make sure you do a few stitches to secure when you start and again at each corner you want to do plenty of securing stitches.  You might find if you're using linen, that the template has shifted and one is slightly bigger than the other. If you find this match each corner and hold firmly as you stitch in between to get each side nice and secure and flat. It's amazing what you can fudge when sewing by hand!


You want to sew round five of the six sides.  When you have these sewn up you need to turn inside out.  This is probably the fiddliest bit.  You want to get nice points and definition to your hexie, so use something like a chopstick to push out the corners (this is why it was important to do plenty of securing stitches at the corners points.)


Grab your ribbon and fold in half.  As you can see I started with a length that was about 4.5". It's up to you how long you make this bit.


Once you have your ribbon folded in half pop the ends into the side of the hexie you left open for turning. You want about half inch of ribbon inside the hexie. The folded bit of the ribbon should be sticking out at the end.  Top stitch the hexie opening closed, trapping the ribbon ends securely inside.


I did a couple of rows of top stitching to make everything nice and secure.

Then stitch close to the other end of the ribbon a couple of times. You want to stitch just enough to be able to get your split ring through here. You could skip this step, but it does hold your split ring in the ribbon nice and securely and stops it from rolling around.


Feed you ribbon end through the split ring and keep feeding it around until the split ring is fully attached to the ribbon. You now have a nice hexie key fob and it's probably not taken your more than half hour to make.


Any questions or things you don't understand please leave a comment.

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