Monday, 29 October 2012

A Post about Post

For all of those of you bored by my non sewing posts I can reveal a bit of sewing today and also some sewing-related stuff in the post.

Firstly the out going stuff. In Bee a Brit Stingy we had a mini swap of a pin cushion for the person who's month was after ours.  I was making for the lovely Di and as it wasn't a secret swap we decided not to post sneaky peeks. As a result I had to wait until Di had received in order to be able to show you what I made. A swap where you know the partner but don't seen sneaky peeks in the group of what everyone else is making can be a bit of a challenge.  Well for me at least.

Front  of Pinnie for Di
I thought I'd try my hand at some stamping and 
I think every project I worked on that weekend got stamped!

I got paranoid my little pinnie was not 'enough' (and I completely missed the bit in the discussion threads about sending a sweet treat!) so I made Di a pinnie and a thread catcher. I used this tutorial for the Thread Catcher. Despite starting with the same sized fabrics as in the tutorial I was surprised it came out so wee. I could still do with one myself though!

Reverse of Pincushion for Di
Thread catcher and rear of pinnie.

Saturday my goodies from my most recent fall from the Not-Buying-Fabric waggon arrived in the post. I was too busy to get a photograph of them until now.  This bundle of goodness rocked up from Gone to Earth (Along with some magnetic bag snaps and some fusible fleece which I didn't bother to photograph due to them not being that photogenic.)

Some older Anna Maria Horner and some
 Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow

Then today I had two bits of postal loveliness. It's Catherine's month in the HipBee's and she's asked us to make Lynne's Square Bob Sponge Pants block. (OK I know I have that completely wrong but I'm in a hurry and I'm sure you know the block I mean!).  These are the lovely fabrics she sent us to play with.   


Also in the post was my winnings from Lucy's recent giveaway. Thank you Lucy!


I've got so many ideas of what I want to do with these Wellie Wearing Donkey's I'm not sure which will the best use of them.  Also I have another Moo Card for my collection (Which excited me as much as the fabric. I'm so easily pleased!).  (That's two now. I don't count the ones people punch holes in to use as tags.) Even though I've had moo cards for a long while now I only got excited about the collecting potential when Katy let me choose a moo card from her set when she broke down on the way home from the retreat. I immediately was drawn to the bear with a camera  (for obvious reasons). All of a sudden I felt the need to collect and swap moo cards, a bit like top trumps! The real specials in the collecting are ones that seem to have been made just for me - Lucy's moo card definitely fits into this category.  What you probably can't tell from the little moo card is the embroidered girl is not only stood on a pile of books and I love reading but she has the initial J on her chest. My initial.  If you haven't got your own moo cards you really do need go make some. (Not least because at some point I'll probably want one!) You can go here to get started.

So that's my post about post. Had any good post lately?


  1. You can't beat nice post! My Dresden ruler arrived on Saturday!

  2. Lovely pin cushion :) Di will LOVE it!!!

  3. Oh I have had way too much post - shhhush!

    Lovely makes and can't beat a pile of JD!

  4. Love the fabric you have bought: got any plans for it?

  5. fab post! Love your stamping. I NEED some moo cards!

  6. Very cool post - incoming and outgoing. Those donkeys in wellies are loads of fun.

  7. just love the little stamped sure I can hear Di squealing from here!

  8. Don't you just love a squishy parcel!

  9. Don't you just love a squishy parcel!

  10. I love the thread catcher - thanks for the link, I will make one very soon. Sorry I've no Moo cards to swap........yet!

  11. what gorgeous mail!! I love the pinny you made and the joel dewberry is lush isn't it?? I am very excited about making Catherine's block in November! I posted your block first class today!

  12. I love that older AMH fabric! And I am hoping to get you bee block sewn this afternoon - I have invalids at home, though. Doh!!

  13. I can see the fabric diet is going well Jan lol! That pinnie is gorgeous - poor Di not getting her choc ;-) The fabric you bought looks gooood.

  14. I love that little pinnie and threadcacher. They are both in use. The fabric post looks full of possible projects. Di x

  15. Cute stuff!! Love the way you stamped it.
    The last fun thing I got in the post was coffee!

  16. Love the swap goodies!

    Oh I've been eyeing that Joel dewberry fabric for a while! Can't wait to see what you do with it!


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