Monday, 30 September 2013

Finding my voice...on twitter that is.

I absolutely said no to joining Twitter. Why? Well two three reasons really. 1) I don't understand it. 2) I'm on too many social media platforms already and 3) to someone who doesn't get it it seems a bit like online stalking and why would anyone want to know the real niff naff and trivia of my life? I mean you get that all here and on Facebook, so why do I need to join twitter too?  Well, it turns out for reasons that may become clear at some point in the future, I sort of need to join twitter. How active I am remains to be seen. I found a few people to follow.  I'm not sure why top of the list of suggested people to follow was Barrack Obama. I have not made my first tweet yet. I didn't know what to say. My mind went completely blank. I am normally a chatter box so this is not a feeling I'm used too. I am not even sure how to tell people I'm on there. It probably doesn't matter if I'm not going to find anything to say!

And because I don't like blogging without a picture here is the pillow I made Mum yesterday for nan naps on the sofa. (She is particularly fond of these.) I was hoping it would make a dent into the huge bag of bean bag balls I bought recently. You can't even tell I've used any. Have you seen the film: The Great Escape and how they got rid of the soil dug out of tunnels via their trousers? I may have to rig up a similar contraption to get rid of surplus bean bag balls.

Nan nap pillow for Mum
Flannel covered nan naps pillow

Sunday, 29 September 2013

For the Old Bag

The other day I read this post of Sheila's where she mentioned that her class had been making carrier bag holders using the Tutorial Rachel of PS I Quilt did for Moda Bake Shop.  It reminded me that I'd had this mentally pinned to make, long before Pinterest was on the scene.  I know of few homes that need one of these as much as we do.

Bags in need of a home
The bag full of old bags!

When Sheila mentioned these were also great FMQ practise projects I knew I had to crack on and make one. After all I did Trudi's class at FQR and one thing Trudi said was that in order to do FMQ you needed to practise, practise, practise. Apart from the little bit of practising we did at The Retreat I've only ever done stippling before. With mixed results. I was happy enough with it, but could see room for improvement and knowing this had made me reluctant to just jump in quilting a whole quilt with fancy FMQ. Lets face it if you've never done it before or have little experience it's going to be many things but not fancy!

So I decided to try out curly loopy quilting. I'm not sure what else to call it. I did not find it easy.  All the problems I'd ever had with stippling concerned getting the speed unbalanced between my hands and feet. It's still a big problem. Add that to iffy hand co-ordination and my quilting does not bear close scrutiny.

Practice FMQ
I used some left over Summersville and Sew Stitchy Charms - My kitchen has a blue and white
scheme and this seemed to be the nearest match.

It was also hard to see what I was doing due to many of the fabrics having a lot of white in them and the thread I was using was white too. At least my mistakes don't really jump out though! You get more of an idea of my quilting (complete with all the errors!) from the back side.  However, I am a firm believer in having a go. You can learn things from everything you do. More so when they don't go perfectly.

Pratice FMQ
You're allowed to laugh!

I am never going to be a great quilter like Trudi. I don't even aspire to be. We all have our strengths and quilting is not a favourite part of the process. However, it would be nice to be a bit more proficient for small projects.

The holder went together easily and I think these could make great gifts as they are quick and easy to make. An ideal beginner project if you want to practise a few skills and have something to show for it without weeks of effort!  I can see why Sheila picked these for a class make. It's satisfying to be able to make something in about an hour!

Carrier bag holder
There are nearly 30 carriers scrunched up in here!

Mum was pretty impressed when I presented her with it. You see she is the bag hoarder in this house and it's more than my life's worth than get rid of surplus bags. Only half of her bag collection is in here so she's promised to rationalise what's left. This takes up less space and I'm sure if the bags are folded rather than scrunched she may get a few more in here!  Beside it looks prettier too.

Carrier bag holder

But at last a stylish new home for the old bags!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Not really France

No sewing for me on today. Although there was plenty I could be or would liked to have been sewing. Instead Mum and I opted for a little trip out to a market town quite near to us. When I found out last weekend Chief would not be home and able to get down here I thought about having a trip there and checked the Internet to check there were no big events on that might cause issues with parking etc. I discovered that the following week they were going to have a French Market and so suggested we postpone the trip out until this weekend.

Abingdon or Abingdon-on-Thames to give it it's full name, sits on the banks of the river Thames and is said to have been continuously inhabited since the Iron Age, making it one of Britain's oldest inhabited towns.

The River Thames, Abingdon - From the Bridge
As we crossed the bridge into town from the car park it was still a bit murky looking.

Since last Thursday Abingdon has been home to a French Market. And pretty much as authentic as you'd get unless you actually went to France.  Last year mum went on a trip to a UK German Christmas market and was so disappointed that it wasn't a bit German that she could see. I'd told her to try the Gluhwein or get some iced Christmas biscuits and disappointingly she said there was none of the things that we associated with a German market; it was more an English market in the loose style of a German market.  This French market was completely different. French bread, patisserie, Provencal soap, leather goods, olives, bags. The people selling were French. Good English, but appreciative of the odd word of French to them.

The French at Home Market - Abingdon

I wandered around looking at everything, itching to take photos but feeling slightly self conscious because some times sellers of all kinds of goods can get quite snarky if you dare to put a camera anywhere near there wares. So whilst I was plucking up the courage to take some close up shots, I decided to buy some little treats. The seller informed me he had the same camera. We struck up a conversation. He was impressed I'd chosen some Madelines. He asked my name and shook my hand (I'm obviously far too British with the whole reserve thing going on because I forgot to ask his name in return - I mean when was the last time someone selling you something wanted to shake your hand; unless it was maybe a used car sales man?) He decided my name 'Jan' was definitely French. And never has anyone said my name and made it sound so sexy. He said I could take pictures without me even asking, so of course I had to get him and his wares in. 

The Friendly French Seller

We also got a baguette. I don't know how I resisted the pear and chocolate tarts!

Bread and patisserie

I loved these bags but couldn't think of an excuse to buy one. I even racked my brains as to who might like one for Christmas. I didn't need one myself as I already have a very similar one given to me full of foodie treats one Christmas from neighbours who have a home in France too.

Brightly coloured bags at French Market

Yummy olives and olive oils for sale.

Olives for Sale

After the market we had a wander around Abingdon. It's been a few years since I'd been there shopping and it's sad that there are so many empty shops, despite the rejuvenation of the centre shopping areas. There is still a nice mix of high street and independent shops and hopefully as things improve economically the town will fill those empty units. 

If you're not off to France yourself and want to see if your local town is hosting a French Market like this you can check out the website here. I took it as good practise for when Chief takes me to Paris. 

Talking of Chief, he's been in Oxfordshire a lot this weekend too. Ferrying people and equipment from Brize Norton to the North East. Yes, a lot of driving. He's already been to Scotland just days after coming back to the UK, so there has been no chance of getting together yet. I may just save him a Madeline if he hurries up and gets down here!

Friday, 27 September 2013

New Shoes and a Liebster

Wednesday I was nominated for a Liebster Award (again.) by Jess aka Rose Vampire. Thanks Jess! Each of the nominees have been asked to answer the following 11 questions.

Q1. What’s your favourite genre of music?
I like all kinds of music, but I guess I'm a rock chick at heart.
Q2. What’s your favourite fabric line?
It's always been my trademark that I love Mendocino by Heather Ross. Mermaids, Swimming girls - sea life. Yummy colours. It's one fabric line I never ever want to use up entirely. 
Q3. Where in the world do you want to visit?
Everywhere. No really. There are so many places I'd love to go to because I haven't travelled that much. Perhaps the most surprising place though, is The Falkland Islands.
Q4. Which celebrity would you most like to meet?
That's a hard one because I don't really follow the whole cult of celebrity. I'd have liked to have met my Mum's favourite actor Sir John Mills. He was a celebrity back in his day. But he's dead so that's no longer achievable. 
Q5. What was your favourite subject at school?
English. I was in the top percentage in my year. Have never been able to get enough of books and was always writing stories as a child.
Q6. Do you dance even if there is no music playing?
Yes, I LOVE to dance. 
Q7. What was the first album/single you bought?
Ghost in the Machine by the Police. It was a cassette and I still have it. Not sure if that makes me cool or not?
Q8. Do you play games (video or board)? If so, what’s your favourite one?
For some years I've been addicted to Scrabble on Facebook. Chief also taught me how to play Back Gammon on MSN. I really miss the games now MSN has gone to Skype. Chief and I had many happy hours playing back gammon online.
Q9. What is your favourite type of weather?
Sunny and warm. Not heat wave hot thought. Just blue skies and shorts and vest wearing weather.
Q10. Do you scrapbook?
I have in the past. Often as a child and not so long ago I tried again as an adult. Only I didn't do the fancy type scrap booking as an adult.  It was more like a giant photo album.
Q11. Have you played/do you play an instrument?
I really wanted to learn to play the piano, only we had no room for one at home so I couldn't. I did however start to learn to play the Oboe. I used to have lessons at school and the timing meant dashing out of home economics for a half hour lesson and hoping by the time I dashed back, whatever I was cooking, wasn't burnt. I could play a few bars of God Save the Queen. It was a hard instrument to play. You had to be able to both suck and blow at the same time. 

I'm supposed to come up with 11 random facts now.  I've been scratching my head over this one since I've been nominated because it wasn't so long ago I did 11 random facts here

So instead of 11 random facts I'll randomly show you my new shoes. 

New Shoes
Yes, totally impractical. But fun. New Shoes 
 And anyway at FQR a lot of people told me I look taller/bigger on my blog. So you see really I had to buy them to live up to peoples expectations in real life. 

I'm not going to nominate any other blogs because I'm not really sure who has less than 200 followers and many that do have have just been nominated also!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Brit Sewing Thursday

I didn't think I'd  have anything new to show you for Brit Sewing Thursday link up.  After all the only thing I'd worked on this week I'd shown you already:

Christmas Quilt
My Christmas lap quilt.

However, now all the materials have arrived I had no excuse not to crack on with a spot of obligation sewing.  Namely the camera cushions that Chief requested for a not-so-top-secret-project.

Camera Cushion

Once Chief has seen this on Flickr and given the go ahead, I'll make 4 more.  Hopefully I'll then be able to share with you more about why they were requested.


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

I've got mail...eventually

There has been a fair bit of online purchasing going on around here of late. And most of it has chosen this week to turn up. Not all have it has been fabric related. But I'll give you a few highlights.

First up a Lakeland order. I LOVE these boxes and for a while you couldn't get them. This size is perfect for a portion for one. They wash up a treat and freeze a dream, with no food staining. When I defrosted the freezer the other Sunday am (Yes, my life is that rock and roll.) I also went through all my plastic boxes. I'd lost a few bottoms along the way and put in the recycling box the random lids along with containers that had warped or were just no good. The ones I'd never get rid of are the original order of these. Only time will tell if the additions are as good. Hope so.

Simple pleasures

Second up I won a facebook give away recently when Simply Solids did a Tempting Tuesday competition. Aren't they lovely? I already have a couple of plans hatching away for my winnings.

My winnings.

And this brings me on to asking if any of you know how to find the 'rules' page on face book for give aways. One of my face book friends asked recently what the rules were for business' wanting to run a give away. Immediately people said that you could do them, but couldn't ask people to 'share' a post as part of the competition rules. Now I don't know about you, but I don't think I've ever entered a give away on face book where sharing the prize status wasn't part of the deal. So is this just a rumour people are randomly putting about, having thought they might have heard someone's second cousin's neighbour mention this rule down the pub? Or is there some well hidden guidelines on face book that business' and page owner's should be adhering too?

Today I've been waiting in for two delivery re-attempts by Parcel Force (PF). I'd been furiously tracking the parcels on the PF website, but became twitchy around 2.30 pm this afternoon when I saw a van go flying past the house and then quarter of an hour later go flying past again. Their website said they deliver until 5.30pm so at 5.30 pm I was on the phone asking where my parcel was and was told they actually deliver until 6.30 pm so wait another hour. A few minutes later I refreshed the tracking info' to be told that delivery had failed as the driver had failed to find the address. The parcel(s) were now back at the Oxford Depot. I was not happy.

I phoned PF. The poor girl at PF must have been so glad she got my call. She offered to have them delivered tomorrow 'am guaranteed'. In fact she said she would go and physically get the parcels right then and put them out for that express delivery. I said if he can't find the address now how will he manage it tomorrow? And who says I can afford to wait in tomorrow? And just maybe you should suggest your drivers look for address' by actually slowing down and looking at properties. You know rather than driving as if they're in the Monaco Grand Prix.   With that a PF van arrived at the gate.  The driver said: Oh, I came earlier but I couldn't find you, so I thought I'd come back for another go. He then asked for directions to a building so big and so well sign posted I was staggered he couldn't find that either...At least he didn't make the excuse the City Link driver made the other week: The sign on the gate is too small to read. I had to virtually clamp my hand over my mouth, to stop me from saying: For Goodness Sake it's one of the clearest signs on the street. But you do have to slow down to actually look for it, let alone read it, or would you rather I had an 8ft banner put right across the front of my house? The only thing that stopped me was fear of never seeing another City Link parcel again. You see this driver has been here before. Two weeks running he had to call my mobile to find me. But at least he showed the initiative to do so. Unlike PF driver who had my mobile written clearly across one of the parcels in huge letters...

Still they arrived. An order from the Remnant House. Nothing very attractive, just essential for some Chief related sewing. 


And wait for it - (some of this much coveted by me) Numbers fabric from Ikea. I tell you I've wanted to get my mitts on some of this since I first saw it, but I don't live near an Ikea. I'd sort of made overtures that Chief might like to go to one if he was near one. But he looked at me like I was suggesting poking his eyes out with a meat skewer.  Luckily Katy works very close to the Glasgow Ikea and doesn't feel that fabric shopping is a cruel and unusual punishment. 


10 whole metres of fabric. Mmmmm my precious. If you want me I'll be stroking the fabric for a bit and contemplating whether I should get one of these. Purely to stop speedy delivery drivers as they go past my house with my fabric orders. But would I be able to get it delivered OK in the first place?

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Christmas in September?

I have been dragging my Christmas quilt out of the house and into the garden all morning. Trying to get some decent shots and for some reason (and I think it's the red and white patterns on some of the squares) most have seemed a little fuzzy. So here goes with what I did get.

Christmas Quilt

It's a simple 5" squares quilt. I think I bought two fat quarters of fabric for this quilt. The rest of the fabric came from my stash. There is fabric won in give aways, fabric from charm swaps, fabric left over from other quilts and charm packs. If it was red or red and white then I popped it in this quilt. It was not easy to garner enough red when my stash was so lacking in this colour. In the end this turned out to be a bonus as it's meant the quilt as a lovely eclectic feel to it. Very little of the fabric is proper 'Christmas' fabric. I think it screams out Christmas just the same.

Christmas Quilt

The backing is some Summersville I bought in a deal Hancocks of Paducah were having. It's the second quilt I've backed in this fabric. The bottom fabric is some random Bonnie and Camille fabric that I saw and loved. In fact I'm sad I have no more of it, as I used what I did have in this backing. 

Christmas Quilt

The binding is some Sherbet pips fabric. Something else I bought for a song when an etsy seller was having a closing down sale. I scored about three yards of various sherbet pips fabrics. The red with white squares being just one of them, I knew one day I'd have the perfect project for it and this is it. 

Christmas Quilt

I quilted it on the diagonal through the centre of each charm - in both directions using Aurifil 2024 in 50wt. I used left over wadding from binding my summer kisses Bee a Brit Stingy quilt. It's not only satisfying to finish off a project, but to do so entirely from stash. 

Christmas Quilt

It may be September now but come the holiday season picture me snuggled under this quilt on the sofa, watching "It's a Wonderful Life", drinking hot chocolate and eating a mince pie. 

Saturday, 21 September 2013

A Change of Plan

The final bit

I was supposed to be on a day trip today with the neighbouring village's produce association. (VPA) only they hadn't managed to get enough people to go on the trip and it had to be cancelled.  I found myself with an unplanned Saturday. When the weather wasn't as sunny or dry as forecast around these parts I decided I'd spend a good chunk of my day finishing off my Christmas lap quilt. I started it last Autumn and had the back and front completed. It just needed basting, quilting and the binding sorted. Most of the time today was spent looking for the binding fabric. At one point I even doubted whether I had even bought this particular fabric in the first place. I thought I might have to do a spot of online shopping as my stash is woefully short of red fabric - even more so since I made this quilt!

I sewed down the binding whilst watching The Great Escape - which is usually on at some point over the holiday's, so it did add to the Christmassy feel for me. It was too late to get any pictures tonight and I'll try and get some half decent pictures tomorrow. Of course I'd have liked to have made them look a bit Christmassy, although I'm not sure how I'll manage that at this time of year!

Oh and talking of Great Escapes (she types tenuously) Chief is on a flight home as I type. At least I hope so. Anyone familiar with the military will know all about hurry up and wait. The process where you pack your bags days before you might get a flight. Spend hours and hours at the airport or similar hanging around only to be told the flight is delayed, then won't be leaving that day. Come back the next day when it may go in 14 - 24 hours. If you're lucky. Of course Chief is lucky to be flying at all. He broke his finger the day before and they wanted him to stay in hospital, have x-rays etc. Only this would have meant missing doing the hurry up and wait thing. As it was the cancelled flight meant he could have got sorted in hospital. But Chief wasn't about to risk that. 

Also delayed is the fabric for his quilt and the other sewing he's asked me to do. I missed the parcel force delivery and am waiting for re-delivery. At least I got my Christmas quilt finished. 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

This week so far...

Since Brit Sewing Thursday Linky started I've only managed to link up once. For various reasons - either not sewing or having only just blogged and linked up my sewing else where, I've had nothing to show and tell. But this week I do have stuff to share.
Maybush Studio

I've already shown you pictures of my final bee block made (I still need to get to post it!).

August Block for Fi

And of the bag I whipped up on Saturday.

Double A Side Bag

I can't remember if I showed you that the hexies I basted are slowly being sewn together.

BastedA start

What I know I haven't shown you are these. Liberty scraps for the wonky crosses and low volume/text charms from online swaps. Completely inspired by Lu's book.  I loved making these, but am not sure if I really like them enough to continue. I mean I want to use my Liberty stash in making these, but the Liberty seems to be a bit lost with the low volume fabrics.

Liberty Wonky Crosses


I have also ordered the fabric to make a quilt for Chief. Ssssh don't tell him. In with that order is some fabric for something I have to make for him before he gets back. So I hope it hurries up, as he's coming home earlier than I expected. He'll be in the UK (all being well) on Saturday. Although it may be a few days before he's able to come and visit. Just as well. I really REALLY need to go and do some housework!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Letter to Chief

Dear Chief

Just a few lines to see how things are with you out in Cyprus and let you know what I've been up to here. Whilst you've been away I decided to join in with Le Challenge this round. The theme is 'Heroes' and of course that's why I thought of you and why I hope you'll understand about your shorts...

Before I got the scissors and unpicker out!

You did give them me to re-purpose into something of my choosing didn't you? I mean you didn't leave them with me to be washed or something did you? Because ummm I cut them up and this is all that's left of them.


Le Challenge theme of Heroes got me thinking of ways I could fulfil the challenge and I decided to pick a real hero not a comic book one. 

You may not think you're a hero but really when I think of some of the things I know you've done during your career, and the things your colleagues do on a daily basis, I think you can fit into the category of hero and so I thought your military issue shorts might become a great pouch and fulfil this summers Le Challenge.  

Then of course I lost my sewing mojo so didn't get any further than unpicking the crotch seams of the shorts. It was only earlier that I went to check when the Le Challenge link up was and realised it was So this afternoon I got cracking with making a bag.

The bag has a pocket like this 
on either side.
I'm calling it 'Double A Side'.

I realised when the crotch seams were unpicked that the two pockets on either leg of the shorts meant there was not a great deal of usable fabric left and that the pockets were just screaming out to become the pockets in a bag. So I grabbed some paper and made a make-shift pattern. The pocket top flaps were very close to a lot of seaming and tapering in the shorts so I had to cut them off with only a minimum amount of fabric left. It would be impossible to have these as the top edge of a bag and look neat so I added some quilting weight fabric, which unlike the dpm, I interfaced first. 


I measured around the outside of this panel and cut a length of the same quilting fabric about 4" wide and again I interfaced it. The material used in uniforms is relatively light weight, but tough and substantial enough for me not to bother interfacing it in this bag. 

I used the main bag parts to cut lining out of some Kona Champagne fabric I have had in my stash for ages. The smaller back pocket on the shorts had accidentally been cut when I was cutting the two bag panels. But I managed to cut around it and sew up the bottom and it has made a double internal pocket inside the bag. 


I didn't have enough of your shorts left to make the adjustable strap I was hoping for. But as I was winging it and making it all up as I went along I wasn't sure how long I should make the bag strap. The bag was looking a little big to be the across the body bag I had first thought of. So I added some bag hardware and fashioned a single strap to make this into a shoulder bag. If I get bored with that kind of strap I can change it at some point in the future. 

It's been raining here and miserable for most of the day. But luckily I got out for a few quick shots late this afternoon.


Anyway, I really do hope that you understand about your shorts. 

Lots of Love

Jan xx

PS. Can you keep away from any more blunt nosed vipers? They could do you some serious harm. And really chasing it around so you could take it's picture when it was in the middle of chasing a rat for it's lunch was more stupid than heroic. You know, just sayin'. :-)

Le Challenge

One final Bee Block

August was Fi's month in the HipBee's. She was the last person to take a turn as Queen bee before the first cycle had been completed. I pretty much had an idea of what I would do after I read in her brief that she liked wonky log cabins and stars. (Or at least I think I read that. I can't actually go back into the flickr group and check as the four original hipbees not taking part in round two of the hipbees were asked to leave the flickr group.)  I just needed the motivation to get making and to get rid of that little nagging doubt that kept saying: As you're going down the improv route for the main focus part of the block you'd best have enough fabric to finish what you start!

Reading Lu's fab book: Quilt Improv really confirmed to me I was on the right track. This is definitely my new favourite quilting book. So many fresh ideas and such a laid back way of approaching sewing. When I say laid back I of course mean creatively.  It is completely wrong to make the assumption that improv means slap dash or shoddy. I busted a lot of calories making Fi's block as I was constantly walking from the sewing machine to the iron in the next room to press at every single stage.

August Block for Fi

One other thing I whole heartedly agree with that Lu says is: 'Make it yours, relax and have a huge amount of fun. At the end of the day, we're not saving lives here, we're cutting into fabric and stitching it back together. Simple!"  I had a tremendous amount of Fun making the block for Fi. The having fun bit was the whole motivation for me joining bee's in the first place. So it seems only fitting that that I end my time as a HipBee with such a fun block.

I will continue to follow what my hipbee friends do via flickr and their blogs and of course I hope to be back to show you what I do with the lovely blocks I received when it was my month as queen bee.

Friday, 13 September 2013

A little bit of sewing.

So today I made a start on some sewing. I was too lazy or disinclined to sit at my machine. I decided to combine chilling on the sofa with some stitching.

What's in the bag?

No, I didn't make the bag. I'm responsible for the contents. Remember the hexies I won in Sarah's give away recently? Over 100 1.5" hexies. Now basted onto 1" papers left over from my rainbow hexie quilt. In no time at all this afternoon I'd basted the whole pile. 


I am now pulling them randomly out of the bag and stitching them together. I can't decide whether I will make a cushion or a sewing organiser. I could make use of both and I may just use some hexies in both.

A start

Tomorrow I may make it all the way to the sewing machine. 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Well isn't that typical?!

Since the FQR in July my sewing mojo went mental. I just couldn't get making enough. I couldn't stop reading blogs either. It seemed just as my sewing and blogging enthusiasm was going into over drive so many others was waning. Now isn't it typical that as my mojo has done one, everyone else seems to have found theirs. I can't keep up with all the blog posts. So forgive me if I've not been commenting as much as usual.

Yesterday, I didn't feel like doing much of anything. I had a nan nap early evening and I also spent some time cosied up on the sofa with a new book acquisition.

  Quilt Improv

I had wanted to get a copy of this at FQR but when I arrived at quilt market there didn't appear to be any copies left. It was only later people told me that all the books hadn't arrived so very few people got a copy. They were having theirs posted on by Lu when they did eventually get through the customs hold up or whatever it was. As suggested I emailed Lu to see if she still had a copy I could buy, but I didn't get a response. It wasn't long to wait until the book was released. I ordered mine from Amazon and it arrived this week. I already feel inspired...just not enough to actually sew at the moment.

Today after work I drove out to a field I'd spotted that had sunflowers in it. I'd not got a camera with me when I first spotted it so just had to go back. Of course it would have been better if the skies had been blue. But I still got a couple of snaps I really liked. 

Sunflowers in Oxfordshire

Monday, 9 September 2013

No Sew Mojo

I thought maybe it hadn't gone. That I was still in the holiday mode and more in the mood for plotting and planning than actual making. That maybe it was because it was still bright and sunny and that was luring me outside. But the fact is since my holiday, my sewing mojo has decided to stay away. I picture it walking along the beach, towards a sunset, sipping a woo woo and flipping me the finger if I even dare to think it should come back.

I hope it does come back soon because even with my no pressure sewing regime. I still have sewing commitments I need to get on with.  If I try forcing it though I'm bounding to make a mess of things and regret attempting to sew.

It's definitely turned autumnal around these parts. I've put the duvet back on the bed and am no longer sleeping under just the cover and a quilt. I have jeans on (the kind that go all the way to my feet.) and two long sleeved tops. On Saturday Mum and I went over to Waterperry Gardens. We walked around the gardens so I could take pictures, before we had lunch. We went because it was a good forecast for a few hours and I was determined to make the most of any sunshine - however brief. I won't bore you with all the pictures. Just one of the close up of a yarrow flower head.

Waterperry Gardens, Oxfordshire

It's pouring with rain - heavy rain, as I type and I have to go out in less than twenty minutes. Chief on the other hand is sweltering in the Cypriot sunshine and celebrating 38 years in the army. Yes, 38 years ago today he joined up. He's not that much older than me it just sounds bad when I realise he's been in the army for the majority of my life. He woke up to find a praying mantis at the end of his bed. Singing him Congratulations. I may have made the last part of that up. 

See you soon...hopefully with some sewing!

Friday, 6 September 2013

What a Difference a Day Makes

OK so who stole summer then? Yesterday I was in the garden at 6pm wearing these: (and cutting back the Lavender before it rained.)

The last of summer?

Eating a home made calamari salad out on the front bench. (The tomatoes were from the garden!)

Calamari for Supper

And pondering why on earth I thought 1 cubic foot of bean bag balls would not be enough for the project in hand...

Umm that's a whole lot of balls!

This reminds me of that rover ball thingy from The Prisoner.  Which  apparently terrified a whole generation, including my brother. Best keep this out of brothers sight!

Today is completely different. I'm wearing long sleeves as it's much cooler and whilst foot wear is still sandals (well it's either that or boots - I've not got much choice in between.) I've had to dig out the brolly and not even contemplate outside eating.

Perhaps now I'll actually get on with some sewing. I've been completely in holiday mode since my holiday and have not stitched a thing. Well if I haven't it's so small it's not worth a mention.

So I'll leave you with my give away winner. I was going  to do the names out of the hat method but was too lazy to write out all the names so fell back to using Mr RNG. I can never get the little box to appear properly so had to do a photo of the lap top screen.


And number 32 is: 

Archie the wonder dog said...
How about covers for gadgets, if they have them? If not maybe a fabric basket (or change tray) filled with little goodies that they would appreciate and perhaps not buy for themselves? Of course, you are the queen of bags so a 241 tote or similar would also be great!
 Now I'd best go off and do housework and then sew Fi's block and make a start on using up some of those balls...

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