Thursday, 6 March 2014

Vintage Sheetery

Ok, so Sheetery is a completely made up word!

The other day when I did my catching up post I told you it was Mum's birthday, but completely forgot to show you a picture of her opening her vintage sheet quilt.

Mum's 81st Birthday
The moment when she realised the quilt I'd been making under her
nose was for her!

She was pleased with it (only asked when I would be doing a label for it! That was one thing she hadn't seen me working on in front of her, because I haven't done one yet!) 

Then yesterday my fat quarters from the UK and Ireland Vintage Sheet Swap arrived. These are the lovelies I got!

Vintage sheets from the swap have arrived.  @indiannadreams thanks for organising @memmens love my selection

Mary did a great job not only co-ordinating the swap, but picking out the lovelies for each of us. I have had it in my mind that my next vintage sheet quilt will be yellow/orange with a hint of pink, so I couldn't have been more pleased with these. I'm still vintage sheet hunting because I want to be ready for round three of the swap!


  1. Love the photo of your mum.
    You must never stop looking for sheets!

  2. What a great picture and glad it was still a surprise for her! Nice swaps :)

  3. Oh what a lovely picture and a lovely quilt!

  4. Ha, so satisfying to make things under people's noses without them realising ;o)

  5. Your mum looks delighted. The front right orange flower in your swap pic is the sheet I had in my student days!

  6. Is she still wondering how she raised a daughter that's so good at hiding something in plain sight?!!

  7. Congrats on making a wonderful present for your mum, and so glad she liked it. Sheetery is a perfectly adequate word for what you are describing!

  8. You tricky thing - now every quilt could be hers?

  9. Your mum is a lucky lady! That quilt will keep her so snug and will have all the memories of you attached to it. It is lovely! xCathy


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