Saturday, 3 May 2014

Preparing for take off?

I think it was about May of last year I cut out the pieces for the Aeroplane Bag and then put it to one side whilst I contemplated interfacings.

Aeroplane Bag 

It was only after talking to Sonia at FQR13 that I bought some car scrim which was a recommended substitute for one of the interfacings. It still left me short of another and I'd pondered using a substitute; as I have several stiff interfacings bought for bags and purses over the years and then not used (maybe because I'd bought the wrong thing online and realised it wasn't suitable for my needs after it arrived.) Anyway, I'd done nothing more than ponder the interfacing issue until another chance conversation with Katy re: the Aeroplane Bag. She sent me a link to exactly the interfacing I was missing and suggested I didn't even try and substitute. So I ordered interfacing there and then. It arrived on Thursday and I dug out the Aeroplane project bag and got planning.  I'll confess the thought of making Katy faint with shock was a partial motivator to get cracking with this. We've talked about this bag so many times and I'd still not managed to make it! But I'm also intending to get as many of my WIP's tackled this year as I can.

Aeroplane Bag
Ta Da! It's finished!

The bag came together like a dream. I only wish I'd tackled it sooner. When I'd read the pattern previously I'd been a little bit put off by the instructions that told me to cut some of my own pattern parts rather than give me a template. But really when I got down to it this wasn't an issue at all. Although I think maybe I would have preferred a lining template, the bag didn't suffer for my tracing my own using the outside as it was suggested.  Nor was installing the big zipper the drama I thought it might be. The biggest struggle with the zip was sewing the second side lining. It was only when I started and opened the zip and it came apart that I realised the process would have been so much easier had I realised earlier that the zipper I had was one that came apart at the end. The only modification I made was: I excluded the internal zipped pocket in favour of a slip in pocket. This is because when I had a clear up of my sewing stuff earlier in the year I tidied away too carefully my zips. I could either get on with the bag while the mood took me or spend time looking for zips!

Aeroplane Bag
Lining is a fabric I've had for ages. I only included a simple slip pocket inside.

I can definitely see more of these in my future. This wasn't a make I laboured over. In fact if I had maybe bits would be neater. But I'm OK with it.

Aeroplane Bag

I've told Chief I need to christen the bag with a night away. He said he hoped he was invited. Invited?! I was hoping he would be taking me!


Catherine said...

Ha ha subtle hints just don't work on men :-). Love the bag, it definitely needs a trip out

Kay said...

It looks great. I do think patterns should really include all the necessary details though to make it as easy as possible

Archie the wonder dog said...

It's absolutely fantastic - I can't quite believe you've finished it so soon after the interfacing arrived! Hope you get to take it on holiday soon!!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Great fabric choices! Chief better take you somewhere nice on an aeroplane ��

Corinnea said...

Your bag is great!!

Ada Kopitopoulou said...

Bag turned out great! You really desserve a trip to relax!

Charlotte said...

hooray! It's fab :-)

Lynz said...

I knew from the title this was what you were making! Way to go you - it looks amazing!!!

pennydog said...

Oh yey, well done on finishing it, it's lovely!

Katy Cameron said...

Told you so ;o)