Monday, 15 February 2016

I made a quilt!

I appeared to have dropped of the face of the blogiverse. That's what a chest infection followed by a cold than hung on and on before and all over Christmas will do for me blogging. Chief gets the blame for the cold. He decided to come and nurse me with my chest infection...he had a stinker of a cold at the time and all that happened was we swapped germs and that put paid to seeing each other between Christmas and New Year! Not spending Christmas with Chief is becoming a tradition now.

Something else that feeling poorly and getting caught up with other Christmas plans put paid to, was finishing the quilt I wanted to give to a family member. I'm fairly sure she won't be stopping by my blog any time soon.  I think I'll get away with revealing it on here before it's been gifted for her birthday.


Country Garden Snowball Quilt

I am calling it Country Garden Snowball Quilt because all the fabric I chose for this, I chose because it reminded me of flowers in a country garden herbaceous border. I was lucky enough to win a give away Jo had and I'm sure she'll recognise a lot of the fabric I won, in this quilt - it fitted the bill perfectly. The rest is from stash. I haven't bought any fabric since before Christmas. Apart from there being a strong chance I'll get myself some Mendocino when it hits the shops I have no interest in buying more fabric. I actually am more determined than ever to get rid of fabric not acquire it. I think part of the reason I've stopped enjoying quilting is: I can't see the wood for the trees any more. The logical thing would be to have a destash. I'm not ruling that out. It just feels like an impossible task at the moment. So I'm hoping to have a real purge on the making front. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed making a quilt. There are stages I don't much like. (Quilting will never be my thing.) But I love sewing the binding on and knowing I'm about to have a finished quilt. 

The white fabric in this quilt is, I believe, Kona Snow - some I bought from Jude's etsy shop because I never have enough white/solid fabrics to use like this in quilts. The binding was made from two fat quarters of  green Denyse Schmidt fabric from the Flea Market Fancy Reprint. The backing (which I didn't get a picture of is a white and green vintage sheet I found in a charity shop.) 

Country Garden Snowball Quilt
Taking pics on a windy day is never easy but you can just
glimpse the backing here!

I forgot to measure the final quilt. I think it's around 45" x 58"

Believe it or not I have already decided to make a quilt for another friends birthday - yes, it'll be another quick simple design where the fabric does the talking and I intend making it all from stash. Also, cutting the wadding for this I have a piece left over that would be about the right size for a baby quilt and I've been wanting to make some baby quilts for a while - and as I have no babies to make for, I'm thinking charity quilt time...If I can get all this done I really can bust my stash. More on what I'd like to do creatively (non quilting wise) another time. 
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