Friday, 3 August 2018

Afternoon Tea at The Crazy Bear Farm Shop

Afternoon tea at The Crazy Bear Farm Shop

Mum enjoyed our afternoon tea at The Crazy Bear Farm Shop so much last year I got her vouchers to go again this year for her birthday. We finally got around to using those vouchers just the other day and I actually think it was even better the second time around (and it was really good the first time around I promise you!) 

Set in the Oxfordshire village of Stadhampton and next door to the more famous Crazy Bear Restaurant and hotel, the Crazy Bear Farm shop has every thing you'd want from a quality farm shop with a cafe attached behind. 
Afternoon tea at The Crazy Bear Farm Shop

We were warmly greeted on arrival and shown to our table. We were given menus detailing what our tea would be comprised of and then just had to chose our beverage of choice (tea for two for us two traditionalists).  Drinks were served first and a cake stand (pictured above) arrived shortly after. They go for harlequin tableware (that's mismatched vintage china to you and me) which gives a lovely quirky feel to the afternoon tea. 

Afternoon tea at The Crazy Bear Farm Shop

The sandwiches are all these fun tear drop shapes and this salmon and cream cheese one is so coloured because it's on beetroot bread. It means you get plenty of filling (all or which were delicious) and not so much bread. (I am trying to watch my carbs, but realise that afternoon tea is not a carb friendly meal!) 

Afternoon tea at The Crazy Bear Farm Shop

The second layer came with a fruit and plain scone each with little pots of strawberry jam and yummy clotted cream. These scones were so good! Just warm from the oven.

Afternoon tea at The Crazy Bear Farm Shop

The top layer is always freshly baked cakes of the day. The day we went we had pineapple cake - which was really different, but worked so well. Mini lemon meringue pies and yummy chocolate brownies.  

The staff were really good. When the food was delivered they explained what everything was, later we were then asked if we wanted beverage refills. 

Mum hasn't been well (I gave her the summer flu a few weeks back and apart from a trip to the hospital this has been her first outing for a while) and she got full quite quickly - however, no problems there as they provide little boxes to take left overs away. I think this is a great idea because it cuts down on food waste and allows you to have a little snack later. 

We had a quick browse and purchase in the adjacent farm shop. I meant to take pictures so you could have a nosy inside, but it was quite busy and a few of the other patrons were a bit obnoxious. You know the kind - letting their kids run riot, adults getting in the way and not moving even when you ask politely to get buy. So I'll have to do a proper run down of the shop another time. 

As well as an outside seating and children's play area there are lots of animals you can visit. 

Afternoon tea at The Crazy Bear Farm Shop

Afternoon tea at The Crazy Bear Farm Shop Afternoon tea at The Crazy Bear Farm Shop Afternoon tea at The Crazy Bear Farm Shop

Afternoon tea at The Crazy Bear Farm Shop

Afternoon tea at The Crazy Bear Farm Shop

Would definitely recommend The Crazy Bear Farm Shop for afternoon tea. In fact everyone else we saw while we were there were tucking into afternoon tea. It's such a popular venue and with vouchers it really does work out to be good value. 


  1. It sounds wonderful. After going out for afternoon tea for my birthday in January I am a convert to this meal and much prefer it to going out for lunch or dinner. x

  2. It looks excellent Jan, especially as you can take the extras home.

  3. Afternoon tea looks fab!
    I am sure you both did it justice!

  4. I always try and take my mum for afternoon tea as she also gets full quickly and lunch and dinner are always a bit to big for her. This looks like a lovely place to visit. xx

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