Sunday, 22 July 2007

Art In Action 2007

Two days ago I went to Art in Action. It's a massive Arts/craft festival set in the beautiful grounds of Waterperry Gardens at Waterperry, Oxfordshire.

Exhibitors from all over the world come to showcase their work; across many different disciplines. It's a truly inspirational event. You can find out more at

The painting on the left is by artist Jonah Cacioppe. I loved his work. Particularly the ones with the fire/flame themes. None of these were for sale. Probably as well as I'm sure they'd have been out of my price range and I'd never have found wall space for them!

For sometime I've been thinking I should have more direction with my creative efforts and I'd been looking into various courses. I'd sort of made up my mind to enrol on Textiles 1 course offered by the Open College of the Arts but as I'm off on holiday shortly and I'm also in the middle of some major home renovations, I didn't feel that now was the time to be spending money on course fees and time on trying to work on the assignments.

Then I browsed the course materials for Textiles 1, at Art in Action and was offered a discount off of the fees and postage if I signed up today. You know what's coming next? Yep - I've signed up for Textiles 1 - although I'm going to defer from starting until September. I'm quite excited and it will take a lot of self control to not try and start as soon as the materials arrive.
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