Sunday, 18 July 2010

All in an afternoons work

I've finished my first two mini hexagon projects. I used some ready made bias tape that was lurking in the bottom of my sewing box to edge the needle book. It's horrible stuff so I'd not use it on a quilt, but this project has been all about scraps and what I had to hand.

I lined the inside of the needle book with an off cut of linen material I had in a scrap pack. I couldn't find my felt stash (Hhmmm need a proper reorganisation session me thinks!)so used this hand dyed felt I'd had for ages. I used scraps on the back of the pincushion to add a bit of contrast. Some of these scraps are offcuts from larger pieces sent to me in swaps for hexie making.

I think opened up the needle case looks like a mini quilt....(Oh and no looking too close at my stitching OK?)


  1. Thanks! I was pleased with how they turned out. They grew surprisingly quickly and aren't as difficult as I thought they might be. Not sure I'd go any smaller though!

  2. How adorable! They both look lovely!

  3. looks like u did a great job!


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