Thursday, 15 July 2010

Honey I shrank the hexies...

For ages now I've been admiring all the great pincushions made out of half inch hexies I see over on Flickr. I've been itching to have a go at a project with half inch hexies myself but recently all my hexie energy has been going into my charm quilt. However, my charm quilt has stalled while I wait for more swaps to come through, so last night I started cutting out half inch hexie templates.

(What a fiddle that is!)

I didn't cut out any fabric for this as for years I've used a mail order company that supplies swatches of all the fabric they stock in 1 inch(ish) squares. These 1 inch squares are perfect for making half inch hexies and furthermore I have hundreds of them!

So right now I'm hoping I'll get a needle case out of these with a pincushion to match. I'd like to use the needle case for my quilting needles. Most of the time when needles are out of the packet they came in I have no idea what type of needle they are.

And as for my Honey:he's away with his work, so let's not mention that I'm making more hexies and even smaller ones at that. (He already thinks I'm a little mad on this one). I'll just have the needle case all sewn up by the time he sees it and he'll never know I haven't had it forever ;-)


  1. brilliant! they are SO cute! i started the same last week, just for a bit of variation in my hexing! and some how they're not as daunting to stitch together! i'm sure you'll fool your OH easily!
    (since you've been using them for years, they must be good, so do you think you could flickr mesage me the company name if at all possible?)

  2. I've just flickr mailed you the details. I may blog about them soon too. The mini hexies are super cute. Not as fiddly as I thought they might be. Ideal for using up tiny tiny scraps I can't bear to just chuck away.

  3. Looking forward to seeing this - I too loved all those mini hex pincushions!


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