Saturday, 31 July 2010

A new recruit

A couple of years ago now I had this idea for an art quilt with the theme remembrance. I asked my other half if he could get me an old uniform or part of it. It had to be a uniform that had been worn and not just some dpm (Camo) material. He never did and I never got to make the art quilt.

Just before last Christmas I kept thinking I wanted to make a casual bag from an old army uniform. It kept nagging away at me. I'd make it reversible and roomy enough to use as a beach bag. So I asked my other half if he could get me something. Of course he said he could and I waited and waited; dropping the odd hint (sounds better than saying I nagged!)

When we had our Christmas together in New Year he filled a stocking with goodies and one was a uniform. So I made this bag. Whilst I took some pictures of the work in progress I forgot to take a picture of the finished bag until just now.

There are lots of things about this bag I don't like. I'm fussy - I can tell the bits that didn't work properly. I had no pattern just an idea in my head. Then after it was made I found out about Camp Follower Bags I so wish I'd come across Tia and her work before I made my bag!

Anyway, my niece saw the bag hanging on a door handle the other day and totally fell in love with it. I said I was going to use it when I went on holiday with her. She asked me to make her one too because she said: "If I saw this bag in a shop I'd want to buy it!" Only could she have something smaller and across the body? My other half had already mentioned he had a couple of old uniforms if I could use them some how.

This is what I made for her today!

This utilises one of the patch pockets. In fact this was made from one trouser leg. A skinny quarter and some scraps.

So Miss N. I hope you like this bag and I can't wait to go on holiday with you xx


  1. Nicely done! By the time my guy got done with the uniforms we didn't want to see them anymore. Almost 4 years later I'm thinking maybe I shoulda kept some...

  2. Thanks - it makes a nice neutral with more colourful fabrics. I used to hate camo and was never that keen on the whole uniform thing but my other half has changed all that. He's camo potty. I even decopatched a deskset for him in camo for Christmas and gave him fabric to cover the noticeboards in his room. I even located somewhere that did camo quilt cover sets for double beds for his room too. I said when you spend all day in camo why do you want camo stuff in the rest of your life? He says he's just "Living the dream".


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