Friday, 16 July 2010

Novel scraps for my Charm quilt

After seeing some of my status comments on facebook a few friends asked me to post a picture of my charm quilt progress so far. One of the people to then see the post was Linda Gillard who then offered to send me some scraps for my quilt. I met Linda through BookCrossing and have really enjoyed reading her three books. (If you can't wait for me to blog about BookCrossing then you can check it out here)If being a talented novelist isn't enough Linda also makes some wonderful quilts. I got home from work today and look what had arrived in the post!

I've already started turning them into hexies for my quilt.

I am not normally a fan of romantic novels but I can't recommend Linda's books enough. Great settings, interesting characters and page turning stories you don't want to put down. Linda has a website where you can find out more about her books and her quilts.


  1. How cool! Her books look like fun summer reads.

  2. They are all great reads. "A Lifetime Burning" is my favourite. Although she has a new book waiting to be published and the main characters are an artistic quilter and her troubled soldier other half. I can't wait to read that one!

  3. I've just found your lovely blog! I'm stealing the picture of my books and your hexagons. I was happy to contribute. I call it surrogate quilting. My sewing languishes in the cupboard but I get to drool over yours. ;-)

  4. Thanks Linda - As you probably gathered- I'm new to this blogging business. I have nearly finished the hexie top - the weekend got in the way; pictures to follow soon.


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