Saturday, 14 August 2010

Another new recruit

For the next 8 - 10 days I'll have no Internet access so this will be my last post for a while. It'll also explain why I'm not commenting or getting back to you. My head is buzzing with things to make so hopefully I'll have plenty more posts in the future showing you what I've been making.

The other day I made an small across the body bag for my niece. It was made from one leg of a pair of army trousers, a skinny quarter of fabric, same of wadding and some fabric scraps. I had already made myself a bag for my holiday out of an army shirt. Ever since I made my niece her bag I've been wanting one myself. I loved the Kaffe Fassett fabric I used in hers and was tempted to use some for mine. I only have an uncut 1 metre left and didn't want to cut into that. So I settled on another skinny quarter. This time a Philip Jacobs design. The bags are pretty much the same design only different. I'm taking mine on holiday instead of the big one. My other half may not be able to come on holiday with us, but at least I'm taking part of him with me - A trouser leg and a shirt sleeve that used to belong to him anyway!

This is the first time I've cut into my recently acquired Heather Ross (Spoonflower) gnomes. I think they will love travelling about on this bag.

I actually made the body of this bag last Sunday. Utilising the pocket was more of a faff because of another pocket on this side of the trousers. I decided to unpick and have stitched it on this side of the bag. It's made a double pocket with some of the left over Dahlia's fabric that my nieces bag was made from.

Do you like the straps? I confess last Sunday when I was making this bag it was more fiddly than my nieces one - maybe because of the pocket issue - anyway I completely messed up the straps. I have left it all week to re-do the straps because I figured they went wrong last week because I was tired and trying to rush.

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  1. Have tons of fun! I like your bag. The gnomes are great and they love to travel!


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