Sunday, 29 August 2010


Anyone reading yesterdays post might be wondering how on earth I got 20 5" squares out of a fat quarter...well I did sort of wonder about that when I counted my first 20. It wasn't until I was ironing 82 squares that I realised they looked awfully small for 5" squares. Doh!

When I checked my template and my cutting mat I realised I'd put the template on the 1" mark and read 5" so thought I was good to go. I should have moved the template a whole inch over to the left of the 1" marker. As it is all the squares I've cut are 4" squares. I had this horrible feeling any of my disappearing nine patch blocks would in parts look so small they'd be stupid and unworkable in even a lap sized quilt. So I took a selection of 9 squares I'd cut and sewed them together to create my first block. Well there is no point cutting up a load more of my stash if it won't work for this project - thankfully the 4 fat quarters I'd cut up so far were ones I had more than 1 fat quarter of.

This is the block I've made. I'm happy enough with it to continue in this size - phew (what else was I gonna do with 82 4" squares?).

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  1. Phew! It looks great! So glad you like it anyway! Can't wait to see the finished project.


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