Friday, 6 August 2010

Favourite Things Friday: What Would Mrs Beeton Do?

Earlier in the year a friend and I went to stay with my cousin in Somerset. I'd only been telling my cousin I'd come and stay for the last...oh 20 odd years. However, due to the age of her and her husband, (and the maintenance required of their very lovely 4 bedroom thatched house) they've decided to downsize. I thought if I didn't get down there now I'd miss the opportunity - we actually arrived as the first house viewing was taking place! I don't envy her having to get rid of more cherished possessions. Can you imagine how delighted I was when she asked if I wanted this?

She also gave me the small photos of our great aunts Em and Laura. Both were in service and this book was a present from Em to Laura. (Laura was a cook.) The book is not only part of my family history, (I still live in the home where these two ladies grew up) but a wonderful insight into the social history of the time. I love the way this book has been used and cherished. I get pleasure from reading sections much as you would a novel. Of course there are times when I'm cooking and I can ask myself: What would Mrs Beeton do?

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  1. Wow! That is really wonderful. What a fun treasure to have.


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