Monday, 23 August 2010

I'm back...

Boy am I tired out after 8 days spent with my Mum and my niece on our annual trip to Bournemouth on the South Coast of England. I expect my next few blog entries will be full of holiday snaps...if that isn't your kind of thing well...sorry...once I can get caught up with the mountain of washing and chores I'll get back to the crafty stuff!

As you can see my niece and I used our new bags while we were away. We were even stopped on Brownsea Island by a fellow quilter who admired them.


  1. How fun! Glad you had a great time. The bags look great, isn't it awesome when people stop you to compliment??

  2. Yes, it is lovely when someone compliments you out of the blue. I am not always very confident with my makes. I can spot lots of mistakes - maybe because I'm largely self taught, so have to muddle through. So when someone else genuinely thinks something I've made is good I'm over the moon!


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