Tuesday, 31 August 2010

One of those days...so take me back to Brownsea

My mum, niece and I went to Brownsea Island for the first time last year when on holiday in Bournemouth, Dorset. We enjoyed it so much we decided to go back and spend a day there this year and explore a different part of the Island.

Brownsea Island is a 500 Acre Island in Poole Harbour comprising a pinewood, heathland and salt marsh. It makes for a varied natural landscape and when you take the 20 minute ferry trip from Poole Quay it's hard to imagine you're so close to a vibrant bustling place like Poole. Here's a fact to remember for any quizzers - Poole Harbour is the second largest natural harbour in the world - after Syndey Harbour in Australia. If you think you've heard of Brownsea Island, but aren't sure why it's probably most famous for being the place where, in 1907 Baden-Powell held the first Scout camp. It's also one of the few places where Red Squirrels thrive as there are no greys on the Island.

The National Trust take care of Brownsea Island, so securing its long term future. The North of the Island is leased as a Nature reserve and there are hides and nature trails you can follow. This year we concentrated on finding an easy route to the beach. We didn't have such great weather for our holiday this year - but the day we went to Brownsea Island the sun shone and the skies were blue.

This looks more like an Island in the Med!

We need to find our way to that beach!

Lichen on a branch on the way to the beach.

We found the beach

I love this tree - I took this from the ferry - I did the same thing last year but the picture wasn't so good. It would be good inspiration for some needle felting.

So why is today a bad day? The day after we went to Brownsea Island I twisted my ankle and it's been causing me some problems. I went to the doctors today and he sent me off to A&E for an x-ray as he suspects a break. Unfortunately triage said they can't authorise an x-ray because the injury happened two weeks ago and I hadn't been given a form by my GP. So I had to wait some more before I was seen by a nurse who wouldn't authorise an x-ray either without paperwork from the GP. She said she would only treat for a sprain. I phoned my GP who said you need an X-ray, you meet the criteria so said he'd get the form faxed and get the hospital to phone me for an appointment. I'm still waiting, I still have a sore ankle - some stupid exercises to do for a sprain - which I can't do as I can't move my foot the way I need to in order to do that and I can't use my sewing machine. Still tomorrow is another day and at least the sun was shining all day today!

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  1. Well blah! So sorry. Hope you get the x ray soon.

    Lovely photos and info on a place I'd love to see one day! The tree photo is really awesome, the color, yum!

    Take care!


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