Wednesday, 25 August 2010

So what first?

Do you ever get that thing where you are so buzzing with potential projects and so much non creative stuff to do, you just don't know where to get started? That's the position I'm in. I've been sorting photos all afternoon so I can take some in to get printed properly. I've also been lurking on Flickr, browsing on Etsy and catching up with some blog reading and I just don't know what project to tackle first...

I'm keen to sign up with some of the great swaps going on over on Flickr because I'm much better at getting stuff done when there is a purpose behind it. As much as I love making quilts and other stuff I don't want a house full of things I made - just because I needed to get creative. Also, until recently I've been really bad about photographing the goodies I've made - I always intend to - all to often stuff gets given away and I realise I haven't. I'm thinking if I sign up for any swaps I really should have some more stuff in my Flickr photostream so the swap mamma's can check I'm not some sort of incompetent nitwit who nobody would want to swap with. ;-)

But before I do more than go through my stash again here's some more holiday snaps. :-)

Bournemouth pier from the beach.

My niece making a mountain with a tunnel through it. I think she was going to add a castle but the weather got the better of us...

Just what you don't want to see coming over the end of the pier when you're settled at the beach :-S

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  1. Give yourself a break and allow the ideas to percolate! I believe that giving yourself time is a creative act you just don't have as much to show for it right away.

    Your holiday photos are pretty!


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