Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Beauty out of ugliness

I was going to do another 'Wordless Wednesday' entry. Then I realised that most of what I've been taking pictures of needs some explanation. Add to that I have stuff I've not photographed that I meant to and a stack of pics on my other camera (and that needs a lead to upload to the laptop) and all I have for you is this pic...

This is the view over my back fence. My neighbours dump their garden rubbish here. Not so long ago the neighbour referred to it as the 'communal compost heap' which made me laugh because nobody other than them and their gardener use this 'communal compost heap'. They did scrape it over so it wasn't all we saw out the window - but I'd still rather it wasn't the back of my house not theirs. However, this patch of marigolds must have decided they needed to grow here and for the first time ever it looks pretty and Autumnal.

And just to let you know - I am still working on my craft corner transformation. It kind of stalled yesterday when my brother invited himself to dinner and I had to move all the stuff I'd left out on the dining room table into the area I'd cleared, so we could all sit down to eat. Hopefully before too long I can show you some WIP pictures (that don't look worse than the messy picture at the start).

Maybe when it's done I can do a little celebratory giveaway. Hmmm not sure what - maybe some squares for hexie making? I know quite a lot of you are into that or really need to get into that so you can experience that addiction first hand?

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