Friday, 17 September 2010

Favourite Things Friday: Fabric, Fabric and more Fabric

Yesterday was not a good day. I had plenty of time on my hands to blog but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I just had one big huge helping of feeling sorry for myself and I missed so many things: my other half (who I've not seen since July), real food, being able to make stuff, being able to go out, being able to talk,laugh and smile properly - the list went on and I thought I'd best leave it for a while then come back a bit brighter so you didn't have to hear all my 'woe is me'.

Today, I thought I'd cheer us all up with another of my favourite things - fabric. I know it's a big fave for a lot of you too. ;-) I've had a tonne of fabric related mail this week and there was one bundle that came last week that I forgot to take any pictures of. Those of you on a fabric diet may want to look away now, otherwise you may well find yourself rushing to the nearest LQS or Etsy to buy some tissue wrapped gorgeousness for yourself.

First up from etsy seller fabric palooza (I have no idea what a palooza is? Is it like a palace - it sounds like it should be?) The Amy Butler fat quarter was a shop special and worked out at just 69p! Yes - sixty-nine English pennies! The other designs are by Valori Wells and of course the lovely Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt. It was Corinnea that made me want some Hope Valley when she sent me some scraps for my Hexie quilt.

This gorgeousness is from Spoonflower. I've not ordered much from Spoonflower before because - well it's not the cheapest way to get yourself a fat quarter of fabric is it? Having said that I love the idea of designing your own fabric and getting it printed. Spoonflower were doing a free swatch day again and I ordered the stamp fabric. I should point out first time I ordered the swatch I paid because even though I thought we were in the right day EST time, I'd missed the bit about start being 'noon'. The nice people at Spoonflower said - don't worry we'll refund you and you can come back at the right time and order it for free. Easy. So while I was back getting that (At the right time) I also picked up some of Texas Freckles (aka Melanie)Cheater print. Which reminds me of Flea market fancy type prints and would be ideal for some more 1" hexies...

Next up is the fabric part of my order to UK quilting suppliersCotton Patch (I also got to 45 x 60" packs of Warm and Natural and a quilting ruler which is way to big for my cutting mat - I'll blog about my mathematical klutziness another time...) The white fabric is American Muslin for lining the inside of some cushion covers I've a mind to make. Maybe also for lining some stockings? The snowman fabric is by Basic Grey and much cuter in person. Along side it is some Robin fabric that I can't remember who designed and some Amy Butler. (The pins will be going of to my partner in the scrappy pin chushion swap over on Flickr.)

Last, But by no means least, is my SewFreshFabrics order - Some Kona Cotton - more Hope Valley and the lovely Urban Circus range - this is the first time I've ever owned an entire fabric range. Mind the range is only 4 designs in two colourways so it wasn't exactly hard to get the entire range. I think it's begging for a baby quilt and maybe some cushions. I have a giraffe and elephant thing. Just saying - in case you wondered.

So what fabric have you been buying lately? And perhaps more importantly - what do you plan doing with it?

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  1. So sorry you were having such an awful day yesterday. Fabric therapy is always great. Glad I had a part in making someone other than me crazy for hope valley! Love all the stuff you picked out.

    Take care, be good to yourself!


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