Saturday, 18 September 2010

The good and the bad that's ugly

Normal service is returning around here. I just get wiped out after doing not very much. I got some bulbs planted in tubs in the garden this morning, then I fell asleep in the sunshine - curled up on the garden bench like some sort of tramp. A little while ago I thought I'd best get on with my scrappy pin cushion for round 2 of the swap over on Flickr. My partner *may* like owls so I came up with this...

It's reversible (and a little wonky, but I think that adds to its scrappy charm?) - it's up to my partner which size she wants to stick the pins in.

So this is what my partner will be getting. Although no doubt I'll come up with some other goodies. Hopefully I'll get this to post on Monday. I don't want it to get their too early - but then I'm not sure how long post takes to that part of the world...

So if that's the good you may be wondering what is the bad that's ugly? Well I'm publicly shaming myself about this little glory corner in my dining room. It used to be the space where the computer sat. Then it got full with craft related stuff - Only it's a bit dark to sit in this corner and do close work so it became a dumping ground. I didn't know it had got this bad. It's sort of funny because I keep my desk at work ultra tidy.

I'm showing you this for two reasons: 1) If you have a messed up area in your home you really *should* get around to sorting you can take heart - you are not the only one. 2)If I show you how bad it is maybe over the next few weeks as I'm recovering I can sort this area and make it into a pretty little crafting area. The sort people photograph and show off on their blogs all the while. So brace yourself...

Some potential there? Just do me a big favour? Keep asking me how I'm doing on that declutter/craft area eh? Ok? OK???


  1. Thanks for showing off your messy area and your human-ness. Lordy knows we all have 'em.

    Cute pincushions. I like the scrappiness. ~ksp

  2. Very cute scrappy pin cushions!

    From one who is trying to get here possessions in order to keep them from taking over.... I feel for you. My daughter and I spent 5 hours organizing at my new place I am ashamed to say there's hours to go!


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