Sunday, 19 September 2010

Tea wallet or three

Last night I wanted to make something. I could have worked on quilting my hexie quilt or piecing my Mendocino one - or just start a new quilt altogether. What I really wanted was a project that I could start and finish all in one hit. Last week I had plenty of time to add to my mental 'to do' list and one of the things I came up with was some little tea/condiment travel wallets that would make great little gifts or stocking fillers. This is what I came up with. I'm not entirely happy with the size as it doesn't take the coffee sticks you get in hotels - or the hot chocolate drink sachets that you can get in the supermarket either. It does however work really well for speciality teas. Even better it took less than half an hour to make this first one.

This will be really useful for me as I only drink decaff tea after lunch and most times I go visit someone they don't have any decaff. I also like the speciality teas and fruit infusions and now I can carry them around in style - not in a freezer bag in the bottom of my hand bag! I'm thinking of making a larger one for longer trips. One thing my other half and I always find when we go away on a mini break is most hotels don't provide you with enough milk and beverages to have a drink in the evening and again when you're getting up. So we've got in the habit of taking our own brew kit.

For little presents - particularly small gifts that have to be sent overseas I think these would be great - especially if ready stocked with some nice teas and hot chocolate. My mum says she wants one but doesn't feel the need to take her own beverages out with her. I said well you could use them for other things as well - a mini mending kit or as plasters/first aid supplies wallet maybe?

So after lunch, with half an hour to spare, I cut the fabric and sewed up two more. The cat fabric was a large scrap I had from a scrap bag. This wallet will be stocked with goodies for a cat mad friend in Arizona for Christmas. Not sure about the other one; I just thought the tea cups were so apt!


  1. These are cute!! I too take my tea with me on trips. I don't have to go the decaf route but I don't like being caught without an evening or morning drink. Nice idea!

  2. they're lovely! i saw one on another blog months ago, which was bigger, but i cant remember where now. i've been meaning to make one ever since. did you follow a pattern?


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