Friday, 10 September 2010

Not looking forward to Monday...

I should warn you up front that if you are one of those people that *hates* going to the dentist then this post may make you squirm.

Monday I am scheduled to have dental surgery. To get to this stage I've had a long and at times excrutiatingly painful journey that's involved - more antibiotics in a few weeks than I've had in my entire life, a root canal that when horribly wrong and had to be immediately undone and a tonne of visits to the dentist. I have never had dental surgery before. I've never had any kind of surgery before. I am not looking forward to Monday. I'm having the procedure at the dentists under LA. I will be awake for it all. The dentist says it's a breeze and the surgeon is really good. But then it's not her gum they're cutting open, or her jaw they're drilling through - she can have the cyst they are removing if she really wants it ;-)

So if I am a little quiet next week you will know why.

After I have the Mendocino quilt sorted I plan on starting another quilt as one of my Mum's Christmas presents. I'm not going for a fancy design. I need something quick and easy that I can get finished without any chance of her seeing me work on it. This will probably mean I will try machine quilting (I have had a really really bad experience with this so I need to practice, practice, practice). I haven't quite decided on the fabrics, but I'm thinking maybe something bird themed because my mum would love that. I'm also thinking she'd like Hope Valley too. I asked Mum what her favourite bird was and the first one she came up with was Long Tailed Tit. They visit our bird feeder and are pretty darn cute. Earlier in the year we had one that would come and tap on the window at us. She called him Tommy Tapper.

I'm thinking maybe 5" squares. I have a little stash of birdie fabrics like Park Slope and think it might be fun to mix up all different kinds of birdie fabrics together, using some florals and abstracts I may have from other ranges, then applique a long tailed tit or two tapping on the quilt. Of course if I had more time and skill I may have gone for diamonds to match the window, but I think I need to keep this project as simple as possible (well if I want to give it her this Christmas!)

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  1. You poor thing. I'll send good thought your way. The quilt for your mom sounds wonderful!


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