Sunday, 26 September 2010

See I haven't forgotten...

I should probably rename this blog: "Ramblings of a Sick Note", as I seem to start every entry recently with some health related lament. Now I have a head cold. I'm pretty bummed about it as my other half was due down this morning. (First time I'll have seen him in months.) We had a chat about me being ill and germy and his schedule and it made sense for him not to come. It's got cold here too. So it seemed like an ideal time to crack on with quilting this:

Did you think I'd forgotten all about it?

I plan on leaving it in the chair and doing a little every day in front of the TV. I know when I've done to much in one sitting because I seem to jab myself more and more with that lethal little quilting needle!

When I was sorting yesterday I found this charm pack. It's been kicking around here for years now. Rather than a whole range of one fabric line it's a themed pack with the Scottish Landscape as the theme. Watch this space to see what I end up doing with it. I'm hatching a plan already.

I hope you are all having a healthy and warm weekend!

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