Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sunday Rambles....

I requested my mums roast beef and Yorkshire pudding for my lunch today. I ate it all followed by some Victoria plums I got this morning while I was out looking for bulb fibre. I felt like the condemned man eating his last supper. I suspect after tomorrows surgery I won't be in a position to eat much that requires chewing :-(

But enough of that because the weekend so far as been about so much more! Here are some pictures from my garden.

There is still a bit of colour. It really feels like Autumn is on it's way. I don't mind Autumn. I like how the landscape changes colour as the trees green leaves turn every shade of gold, orange and red you can imagine. I like that I can layer clothes; and getting all cosy on the sofa with a book or a project seems *right*. Catch me in a few months when Winter is here and it's grey and wet all day; then I'll probably be counting down the days til it's summer again. I've been busy planting bulbs in the garden and some winter bedding plants. I will have some colour too look forward to on those long miserable days of winter. I love it when the first bulbs start to burst into flower as it means that spring is fast on the heels of winter.

I have finished one of the pin cushions I had in mind for the Scrappy Pin Cushion Swap over on flickr. I have another little idea I want to try out as well. I hope my partner likes it.

I couldn't resist adding the little ladybird bead by the felt and button flower.

Hexies are fast becoming my signature!

I have made over half of the disappearing nine patch blocks required for my Mendocino quilt top. They are soooo easy but look so complicated! I just need to order the backing and binding fabric which I'm also hoping to use to make some cute little appliqued turtles. This quilt has some quite Autumnal colours going on, however it will forever remind me of the sun and days spent on the beach.

Well whatever you're doing this weekend I hope you're enjoying it!


  1. You've been busy!

    Glad your mum made you a yummy lunch. That's a great thing about moms for sure.

    Love your garden, pincushion and quilt!

  2. Your hexies look amazing (I've not been brave enough to try any yet!)and the Mendocino quilt will be SO pretty when finished.

    Good luck today with the surgery!!


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