Saturday, 25 September 2010

Weekly catch up.

It's been one of those weeks when life got in the way of being too creative. I then had an infection in my mouth and throat which is hopefully on the way out now. Last night it was off to the village trivia quiz where our team (with a member down) came third. I've been really keen to get my messy-potential-crafting area sorted. This is what's been done so far. I started taking down all the books and dusting them in the week and got that finished this morning. What you can't see is all the stuff on the table behind me that needs a home (Opps) But this is a good start right?

It's looking a bit...I don't know, bland? I think it needs some prettying up. Although I think I need to get it all straight first though. I could actually sew here (if there wasn't so many boxes under the bench) as this area was originally put in to house my computer and there is a plug shaped hole in the middle of the bench. I'm just not sure the bench is deep enough to sew properly. I moved the magnet notice board that was propped against the wall and will get my brother to put this up on the wall inside the alcove so only I can see it if I'm sat at the bench. I might get him to put some picture hooks up at the same time.

Onto the fabric goodies that's been turning up here this week. After I bought this fabric from Rainbow fabrics I said, " I'm on a fabric diet!" - which lasted until - hmmmm, yesterday when I ordered something else. I had some of the 'hush puppies' fabric before from this seller and saw she had more and couldn't resist getting some. I want to use some of this to make birthday cards and also some in a quilt I'd like to make for my niece. That's why I got the horsey fabric by Heather Ross too. My niece loves to ride. I wish I could have got some of the ponies fabric too from this range, any I did see was at a silly prices.

I ordered this fabric and thread from Strawberry Fayre to back and bind my Mendocino quilt which I've not touched lately. I also want to use some of this fabric to make some applique/embroidered turtles to embellish the top.

You probably remember me telling you I won my first ever blog giveaway prize from Ryan over at I'm Just A Guy Who Quilts recently? Well Tammy from Karamat Fabrics sent me my prize. I just love Urban Circus!

So that's my week as far as creative things go - I have a tonne of plans in the pipeline. I posted off my scrappy pin cushion for the swap over on flickr so am just excitedly waiting for mine to arrive. I also discovered a close friend is checking in on my blog so any projects that involves makes for her I'm going to have to keep under wraps until after she's seen them ;-)


  1. Your space is coming along! Sorry about the prolonged illnesses. It seems to be one of those years....

    Love your fabric choices, even if you fell off the diet wagon..

  2. Yes I'm keeping an eye on you :-)

    Enjoying the blog x


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