Monday, 18 October 2010

Back in England a good post day!

I've been away for the weekend on my first ever visit to Wales. (I will entertain you with pictures in due course.) Today I've been back at work - in a cold office doing boring stuff shuffling paper and figures. So it has been fantastic to arrive home from work and find these goodies through my letter box! Isn't the wrapping pretty? Yes, I've saved it all to re-use.

In the first bundle was the prize I won from VeryKerryBerry birthday blog giveaway. Thanks Kerry! The fabric at the back is actually a really pretty vintage apron. I'm thinking cut up and mixed with some other fabrics it would make lovely a cushion for my summer house. Despite going up earlier in the year it's missed out on being interior decorated. The other part of the prize was these 3 red fat quarters of co-ordinating fabric. As soon as I saw them I thought they'd make a lovely table centre mat or runner. So I'm going to start planning a design for that.

I ordered these goodies from Seamstar after seeing a feature on their blog for making circle scarves out of flannel and voile. I've never worked with flannel before so I hope I don't go horribly wrong. I'll let you know how I get on. The flannel is super snuggly and the voile buttery soft. The camo fabric is for a top secret project so I'm going to stay all Secret Squirrel about that one for now. ;-)

Whenever I go away places I tend to pick up leaflets, save tickets, business cards and other ephemera, which I never get around to doing anything with. I don't think any of you need telling I'm a complete photo junkie either. Normally stuff I save just lurks around in drawers, gets used as impromptu bookmarks or just adds to clutter around my home. When I come to label my pictures I've forgotten what some place was called or which order we went to places. So before I went away I bought these Moleskine Cahiers and I've decided to make little visual travel journals. I won't fill a whole one in a weekend, but I can always add to it if I revisit and for some longer travel experiences I may need full on moleskines. I'll show you how I get on. There is plenty of inspiration over on flickr if that sort of thing interests you.

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  1. Pretty fabrics!

    I look forward to your journaling. I am a bad journal-er, I am a bad blogger.....


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