Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Hexagonal Crap Caddy

As you all know I am completely addicted to anything hexie related so imagine my delight when the other day, whilst mooching around blogland I came across this tutorial. I had long been admiring the pin cushion caddy's over on flickr like these, but I'd been put off from attempting to make one due to all the blogs I've read where people have said - don't go there; as the most popular pattern for these just doesn't work out without modification and can be such a faff. And to be honest I've not wanted to do anything faffy lately.

Not so the tutorial from Penny's Hands which has really clear step by step instructions. I made two modifications with my caddy - Firstly I didn't have a cereal box to hand so used grey board. Years ago I used to make little fabric hexie boxes and to keep them at the right stiffness I'd use grey board. You don't have to buy grey board - I just save and use the grey board that backs memo pads or note pads.

The second thing I modified was when I made my elongated hexies for the pin cushion bit I folded them in half and cut them in two. That way I could use up smaller scraps from my scrap box.

The one thing I didn't like about this - and this is not the patterns fault by mine is the stuffing. I just couldn't get it to sit all nicely. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

So if you fancy making a Crap Caddy - Crap as in a place to put all your sewing crap ;-) then head on over to Penny's Hands.


  1. I have made one of these from seams to me, it is a difficult thing to sew, I have a blog post with advice from elsewhere and my own! Hope this helps.

  2. I made this pattern too. Mine turned out OK, besides being gigantic. I used batiks, so perhaps the extra stiffness helped. I used a chopstick to cram the stuffing in, making sure to push out the points of the hexie. I used lots of stuffing to make it firm.

  3. Very cute!! My daughter made one of the more difficult styles.... her's is cute but I have not wanted to try. Yours could make me change my mind.


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