Thursday, 7 October 2010

R.I.P Lappy Laptop

I don't like posting without some pictures - even if they aren't great pictures. Yesterday, just as I was about to blog about my day out to a nature reserve my laptop died. The screen went blank, but I could still hear it whirring away. It's done this a couple of times in the last fortnight, so I kind of took this as a sign of impending doom. When it happened before, if I rebooted it would sometimes kick into life. This time it didn't. So I shut it down and left it to cool down. When I went back to switch it on - nothing.

I feel quite lost without my laptop. It was an old laptop. I've had it nearly two years now as my other half bought it from work when it was too outdated for what they required and he passed it on to me. It hadn't been new to him either. I know while he had it had been on a few adventures and well, travelled to more exotic places than I have.

So I ordered a new one last night and have paid for next day delivery. I get a little twitchy buying electrical or expensive goods online. Until I'm up and running it won't be so easy for me to post pictures. It's going to be harder to keep up with blog life and flickr too. So see you soon! (Hopefully)

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