Saturday, 2 October 2010

Sneaky Peaks ;-)

It's that time of year when I start thinking of Christmas and what I need to prepare and get ready. I am not good at leaving things to the last minute. I know this from bitter experience and the year I left my Christmas shopping until the last minute and nearly had a nervous breakdown, upstairs in Boots (the chemists), surrounded with more shopping bags than one small person, like me, could ever possibly carry.

So I've started on my sewing projects with the trial run of a scrappy stocking I've had a mind to make. I can't show you the one's I've made for other people - hence the sneaky peak of work in progress above. I can show you the one I made myself though.

There isn't really a wrong or right side. Don't you love things all the more when things are reversible? Most of the fabric is scraps from my scrap box. I couldn't resist cutting into a few bits of fat quarters - like the Urban Circus elephant material I got recently and the Heather Ross (for Spoonflower) Gnomes.

This afternoon I whipped up some Rock Cakes. Home baking always tastes better than shop bought even if it doesn't always look that way!

I have some more Heather Ross fat quarters for my stash. I think she must be my favourite designer at the moment. I wish I'd had some of her fabrics when I'd been assembling my hexie quilt top. I hope I can include some in the back edging...and maybe in a matching cushion or two.


  1. They look great! I'm loving Heather Ross at the moment too. Very jealous of you having the gnomes!

  2. Thanks! I got the gnomes from Spoonflower. I haven't washed them yet though and have been hearing some horror stories about Spoonflower stuff not being very good at keeping its colour so I've decided using them in projects that won't need much washing, if any,is the way to go.


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