Friday, 22 October 2010

Wales Weekend Part 2 & and a little update.

I have really been cracking on with the hand quilting of my hexie quilt. If the light wasn't so blurgh today then I'd have taken some pictures. I'm nearly in the middle and that's making it harder to quilt as I have to have so much of the quilt bunched up under me as I work. So far I've managed to not sew it to my clothes...famous last words eh?

I've just made some cookie dough which is chilling in the fridge. I followed a lovely recipe Kaelin from the from The Plaid Scottie shared on her blog recently. The dough smells lovely so I can't wait until I can pop them in the oven. I had a mental moment when mixing the dough because at the stage when it should have been 'quite stiff' it actually looked more like 'bread crumbs'. I was trying to work out where I'd gone wrong and if it was because my idea of a cup of butter and the recipes idea of a cup of butter were different; when I realised that I'd forgotten to add the egg and vanilla essence. Doh! I think it's all worked out in the end. But I guess time will tell.

Anyway, Here are some more pics from my recent trip to Wales. This time St David's which is Britain's smallest city. It is a city by virtue of its famous Cathedral. The pictures don't really show it but the stone St David's Cathedral is made from is actually pink in colour.

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