Friday, 26 November 2010

Gearing up for a busy crafting weekend!

Isn't it satisfying to start a project and actually finish it completely? I've made this lap quilt for my Mum for Christmas. I think it would be equally lovely as a baby quilt. In fact the pattern is this baby quilt pattern from Oh,Fransson. My mum really feels the cold so I'm hoping she will enjoy snuggling up under this pretty quilt.

This weekend I'm itching to make a few other goodies - I'd thought I'd be out of time to do any more Christmas making, as I'm so behind with other stuff. Now I feel a bit more on top of things, I am bursting with ideas for more hand made goodies.

Apologies for the dodgy light in my photos lately - living in a cottage with low ceilings makes indoor photography a little dingy throughtout the winter and a lot of the pictures I've been taking lately really have been hurried snaps!


  1. So very pretty!!! She is going to love it! I am feeling the christmas crunch time happening...

  2. it's lovely! i understand about the dark photos - i hadnt put a single pic on flickr for over a month as i hated them all. but i'm in an east/west facing victorian terrace and there's nothing i can do about it!


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