Sunday, 14 November 2010

Remembrance Sunday and mug rug progress.

Today is Remembrance Sunday. I am not sure what other countries do to honour the fallen in wars. In the UK as well as Armistice Day on 11 November 2010, we pay our respects to troops past and present on the following Sunday with parades through towns and villages and special memorial services.

So today, regardless of faith or politics spare a thought for those who have died in previous conflicts. Also all those fighting all over the world for us now and their families and loved ones awaiting their safe return. Lets hope they are all home safely soon.

I have signed up for round 2 of Scrappy Mug Rug Swap over on Flickr. I sat round one out because I had a lot of health related issues going on (potential broken ankle that turned out to be a sprain and then some nasty dental surgery) and I didn't want to sign up for something, find time got away from me and I either didn't send on time or sent something I wasn't really happy with. So I'd had plenty of opportunity to drool over all the lovely mug rugs being added to the group pool. So why was it when I got my partners details and could get down to stitching, I couldn't decide on a design? It wasn't like my partner has uber specific preferences or anything. I think I just had to many ideas and had to filter through them to get to one that was 'right'.

My first instinct had been to do some sort of scrappy pieced Christmas tree, but then a few turned up in the group so I thought I'd do something a bit different. But what? Out came a book on patchwork and quilting I got many years ago when I was first starting out. In the back were some examples with patterns of other types of quilting. One that caught my eye was for a folded flower/star that could be used as a centre piece in a card...or in my mind a mug rug.

It's a bit fiddly because you have to fold a seam and iron it on every little rectangle and then iron the folds to make a triangle. I marvel at how I managed to do all this ironing without ironing my fingers! ;-)

The bonus is you are layering the triangles on a background fabric (I used a calico scrap) so this makes a super dense patch for a hot mug to sit on and hopefully no chance of it marking the surface underneath.

This is too long so will need some serious trimming after it's quilted. I started straight line quilting one end, but didn't like how it looked so unpicked it. I also unpicked the centre star machine quilting and will quilt that by hand to add an extra focus. I just hope my partner likes it. She is very very quiet so I'm getting no extra clues as to what she likes in the group.


  1. My daughter and I used to make these. Love them!! Yours is very pretty! Keep up the good work!

  2. wow! that's a whole lot of thought and work. i'm sure your partner will appreciate that and love this!


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