Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Travelling Tuesday: Lyme Regis

Earlier in the year I finally ventured down to see a cousin in Somerset. I say, 'finally' because she *only* moved down there over twenty years ago and this was the first time I'd made it down. In fact the day my friend and I arrived, my cousin had put the house on the market and it's since been sold. We only had two days down there; that didn't stop us cramming so much into those two days. Top of the must do list for me was see some of the Jurassic coast in neighbouring Dorset. So I'm going to share some pictures with you of our first seaside stop off - Lyme Regis. If I have to have snow and cold right now, at least I can look at these pictures and remember a sunny April day with unseasonably warm weather!

View along the Cobb - if you've seen the film: "The French Lieutenants Woman", Lyme and the Cobb will be familiar to you.

Me on the Cobb - less French Lieutenants Woman and more Warrant Officers Wench ;-)

Lyme is famous for fossils and many people like this gentleman come to hunt for fossils on the beach.

Looking down on the Cobb

Lyme has Fossil inspired street lighting

I love the seaside and the life you can find there. I took this to 'file away' for future creative reference. I'm thinking this could be the basis of some textile/fibre art.

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