Saturday, 11 December 2010

Advent 11: Food Nigella v Nigel

I don't blog about food very much. I am not sure why because the older I get the more I like cooking. If there was one thing I'd change about my house I'd have a bigger kitchen. Mainly for storage reasons as I don't have the room to store things like preserving pans, stock pots, food processors and a million other kitchen items you can live without, but make life easier for every day cooking.

Last Christmas a close friend completely nailed an ideal Christmas gift for me. You know how amongst all the packs of toiletries and socks you sometimes get a present that is so well thought out it's bang on the money and makes you smile all day? Well last year it was when I opened this present!

Because inside was this cookery book - which you can actually read like you would a novel because of how it's written.

Tender Volume 1: is about the veggie growing experiences of food writer Nigel Slater. It's punctuated with yummy vegetable centred dishes; where the veg' rather than any meat in the dish are the stars. Along side this wonderful book was a stack of vegetable seeds and a little tin box to store them in. I have been going on about growing veg' again long before it became fashionable to do so and it's the next phase I have planned for my beloved garden.

But a question to you all. Do you prefer Nigella or Nigel? You see I like Nigel far more than Nigella. I'm sure her recipes are great, but her world just looks a bit fake to me. And she comes across a tad stepford wife - and not in a good way. Nigel on the other hand with his Simple Suppers and down to earth passion for ingredients and the whole cooking experience are just more true to how I feel about cooking.

Enjoy your weekend folks!

Ps I know I'm getting Tender Volume 2 for Christmas this year too! ;-)

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  1. Nigel all the way for me. I can recomend his autobiography Toast too.


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