Sunday, 12 December 2010

Advent 12: Father Christmas and the Gremlins strike again

Maybe it's because I'm still getting over the flu, but I don't feel in the least bit Christmassy. Maybe it's because the Gremlins are most definitely still in the house. First it was the hot bath tap that's slowed to a trickle (I'm still waiting for that to be fixed). Then the oven packed in and required a new fan element. If that wasn't enough the kettle fell apart the other morning making the first cuppa of the day hazardous. Now the shower is playing up. The water pressure to it is not right and it's making an awful noise and juddering and pretty much very hot on any setting. So it looks like the Gremlins are still in the house. Judging by the picture above I haven't always felt so bah-humbug in the run up to Christmas. I hope my creative mojo comes back soon though. Until then I have a couple of good books on the go - it's not all bad.

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