Thursday, 16 December 2010

Advent 16: it's all about the parcels.

Today, has on the whole, been a good day. It has, however, been a day all about Christmas presents. I had a surprise present from an appreciative subcontractor who just wanted to say thank you for...well me doing my job. But it was a most appreciated gesture. (Oh and the parcel above is just a random one from a few years ago.)

As I've had some trouble with my health I decided to do my Christmas shopping online. It has been fun watching all the goodies turn up, sometimes from over seas. Even though I don't get to keep these treasures, it almost feels like Christmas every time I open another package. One order I placed at the end of November hadn't turned up so I've been chasing it up via email. I'm really wound up because so far all the company that sent it can tell me, is it was delivered the day after the dispatch note was emailed and the delivery company have a signature - but it's not the name of anyone here or any of my neighbours.

Now I know mistakes happen and it could be easy for a driver to take it to the wrong house and someone there to sign for a parcel not realising the parcel wasn't for them. But isn't it a dishonest person that would then hang onto those goods once they'd opened them and realised they weren't for them? That someone else had paid for them and might be eagerly awaiting them for Christmas? So my blood is boiling at the dishonesty of some people and I am waiting for the company concerned to answer my email saying how they intend dealing with this, now I've informed them that the goods I've paid for were not delivered to me. However it is resolved, I doubt I will get the goodies for Christmas :-(

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