Saturday, 18 December 2010

Advent 18: Let it Snow!

You know I told you about a delivery that had gone missing? Well the company sent a replacement via royal mail yesterday and the post lady brought it before 9am this morning. Not bad going considering the weather and this parcel was coming from Newcastle all the way down to South Oxfordshire where I live. The post lady also advised us not to try going out as the roads are really bad.

It's been snowing all day so there is much more snow on the ground since I took these snaps. I only ventured out to take a few pictures. I could do with my wellies, but they are locked away in the shed so that'll have to wait for now. I'm staying in for the time being. I've been cooking and soon I'll start sewing.

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  1. The snow may be hard work but it is so beautiful- ours came yesterday and today and much has already melted


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