Sunday, 19 December 2010

Advent 19: An *Actual* post about making!!!!

Don't faint from shock. I've managed to do some making this weekend. Well, thanks to the snow I can't do much else. The snow is pretty. It's just an inconvenience. It was -10 here last night I'm told. I think we had some more snow before it started to freeze. Tomorrow they forecast fog - just what is needed on top of all the ice and snow. Not!

Last night, I ran my other half up a pillow. I just did a really quick and simple envelope style. Got some fabric I know he'll like and quilted it. He's a bloke that doesn't get all the patch working and quilting malarkey and if I'd made him something more fancy he'd not appreciate it half as much as this:

Do you remember this entry where I showed you the goodies I got in round 2 of the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap? Last night before I went to bed, I started 'playing' with the scraps Kerry Sent. Some of you may recognise the design as Nest.

Until about 6 months ago I hadn't bought any quilting fabric for quite a while and what I had previously been able to get my hands on had been more traditional than modern. It also means there are some fabric lines that I really wish had come to my attention before they were out of print and hard to find. Tula Pinks Nest and Neptune ranges are classic examples of ranges that would be on my dream list. I still dream (particularly foolishly in this country)that one day I'll be passing a quilting shop and pop in for a mooch about, only to discover they have lots of stock of things like Mendocino, Flea Market Fancy, Nest, Neptune etc... that nobody else has discovered or wants. Better still in order to shift this stock (that nobody wants) it'll all be on sale. Well a girl can dream eh? ;-)

Anyway, back to the scraps. I wanted to use them in a fun project that would make the most of them. So this morning after settling on the design above, I decided to make a mini quilt. The sort of quilt that would cheer up a table or dresser top.

Once I'd worked out the best order of sewing the scraps together; I sashed it with some fabric from my stash, backed it in an off cut of yellow cotton and bound it in a co-ordinating green. Ok, this was a super quick make so the seams don't all match 100%. I think that adds to it's home made charm. This is how it turned out. It's on a snow covered garden table for the photo because the light was better out there.

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  1. I love your little mini quilt! So good to see what you did with the little squares I sent :)


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