Friday, 3 December 2010

Advent 3: Stash Happy!

First off did you notice I finally put a photograph up with my blog title? I'd meant to do this before only I couldn't decide what to take a picture of. I really liked the idea of those mosaic type banners with a bit of everything on them. I haven't managed to do one of those yet. So I have put this picture of me with my hexie quilt top up instead. It seems quite fitting as this is what brought me to blogging earlier in the year. Before you ask: No I've not finished hand quilting it. It's taking much longer than I ever anticipated. I sort of wish I hadn't gone entirely down the hand sewn route - but there you go!

Today, it is still freezing her - although thankfully no more snow. I don't remember it being this cold before. I guess it must have been. I don't like it much anyway and am pretty much only doing home-work-home journeys at the moment.

So it was a nice diversion to get this in the mail while I was at work:

These are the emergency stash builder budget packs from Fabric Rehab. I've had them before and have never been disappointed. I got 5 packs this time. Each pack costs £2.00 and there is always a generous amount - more than a fat quarter in my experience. The pieces are decent sizes too. On the downside they don't often have them in stock. So you need to keep checking and be quick!

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  1. I did notice your header! I meant to say something.. i really like it. I am still working on gathering enough hexagons. Hand quilting does take a long time but it's so pretty when complete.
    Those fabric packs are awesome!


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