Saturday, 4 December 2010

Advent 4: More making for Christmas and the start of a new quilt?

Last night when I went to bed it was snowing and everywhere was white. Since then it's turned even milder and now all the snow we had has been washed away by rain. I had been intending to go Christmas shopping with my Mum this morning, but she didn't really feel up to it. So after a trip to the local supermarket to do a food shop, I have been busy with some making.

I saw the tissue holder pattern here and thought they would make great small gifts along side the presents I've bought for people. They really do only take 10 minutes to make - although I did have to adjust the sizing to fit the pocket tissues I had. Mind this could be down to my less than accurate cutting and seam allowances ;-)

I really fancy making a value quilt, so I've been cutting 5.5" squares from scraps and fabric in my stash - particularly stuff I've used in a lot of other projects. Unless I can get to a shop soon I may run out of piecing thread so I'm having to prioritise my sewing projects.

Now back to the fresh scones I just got out of the oven...

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