Sunday, 5 December 2010

Advent 5: Snows Gone for now

After days of freezing temperatures a rise above zero has made today feel almost tropical. I went out to deliver some parish magazines around the village and also some Christmas cards. I thought better get it done in case the weather turns bad again and getting out becomes problematic. I took this picture up the road from me. I will always smile now when I see this pond. Earlier in the year my other half and I went for a stroll and being very keen on wildlife and bird watching, my other half commented on how much wildlife must be hiding around this pond, if only you spent the time just quietly watching. Quick to impress him with my local knowledge I said: "This used to be the village ducking pond. In times past women suspected of witch craft would be ducked in this pond." I went on to comment how these women were never going to come out of being ducked well. If you weren't a witch you drowned and if you survived ducking, they took this as proof of witch craft and they'd just burn you at the stake. My other half looked very serious for a moment - then put his arm round me and gave me a squeeze saying, in his dead pan way, "Don't worry - if they reinstate it I'll come rescue you."

I hope you've had a great weekeend!

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  1. hehe that's exactly the sort of thing my hubbie would say too :)


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