Friday, 31 December 2010

Bye bye 2010

I confess I am not a big fan of the whole New Year thing. I'd rather we just got on with it. Having said that the thing that shines brightest for me as 2010 draws to an end is my renewed love in quilting, sewing and being creative, which was triggered by stumbling across this group on flickr. Out came my fabrics as I embarked on my first proper quilt in quite a few years. I had so much fun swapping with people in the group - I mean, who knew that complete strangers with a love of fabrics would share the treasures in their scrap piles? I really loved the swapping aspect right from selecting fabrics to send; down to squealing with delight when my fabric parcels started to arrive. Having the group was a fantastic motivator, as it felt like my new flickr friends were watching and waiting to see my latest progress and it was so fun to catch up with what everyone else was doing.

So it seems only fitting that tonight, about five minutes ago I finished the hand quilting of my hexie quilt. Yep it's all done. I just need to do the binding bit. I'm almost tempted to start it now to see if I could actually finish the quilt this year. But as I've got some pretty fiddly trimming to do, I don't want to plough ahead at speed and mess it up.

It was from joining this hexie quilt along that lead me to restart blogging again. I have found so much inspiration via other blogs and and flickr groups. I also took part in my first two swaps for made items here and here. I can't help feel I got the better half of the swaps both times!

It was a revelation to discover that fabric styles had completely changed since I'd last done some serious fabric buying. Yes, there are still plenty of traditional fabrics out there. But being introduced to designers like Heather Ross, Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Denyse Schmidt and Laurie Wisbrun has been a complete and utter joy.

Best of all though, has been the wonderful warmth of this online creative community. Through blogs and flickr I've made some fantastic online friends and found so many inspirational and talented people.

So Happy New Year to you all and see you in 2011 x0x


  1. Happy hexies and happy new year! Hand quilting a whole quilt- that is a whole lot of work , well done!

  2. You finished the piecing? Congratulations! It looks FABULOUS. I just got started making hexies ten days ago, but I'm hooked.


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