Friday, 31 December 2010

Fabric Diet

It seems a little ironic that having come in from a failed shopping trip (how dare the shops I wanted to shop in today, close between Christmas and New Year?!) and eaten two - yes two jam donuts that I should proclaim my need to go on a fabric diet. But when I read about Angela's fabric diet idea here I just had to sign up. Until this year I hadn't really bought any fabric for some years. I'd got a nice stash of fabric that kept me going during the limited projects I undertook. Then I found the flickr quilting community and blogging and all those WONDERFUL designer fabrics. The sort I loved and my stash was devoid of. So I confess I've been buying a bit here, a bit there and have a whole new stash and less money in my bank account. The trouble is new fabric ranges I love are coming out quicker than I can buy them. I am getting dazzled like a bunny in car headlights and don't know whether my stash really needs some Innocent Crush or some Parisville. I procrastinated on Farmdale and missed the boat on the bundle I wanted... And all this procrastinating is taking me away from the making.

So what to do? Do I continue online shopping - stalking etsy suppliers for the ranges I want and checking the UK shops to see if they are carrying the very fabric I am coverting, at a sensible price? Or do I take a step back. A big breath. And say, "NO" - no more fabric until I have completed some of my WIP's and used some of my stash. I mean I bought these fabrics with the intention of making lovely goodies I can enjoy around the home and maybe share in presents. I didn't buy it to sit in a big plastic box just because it was nice and I wanted it. (Honest I didn't.)

I especially like it doesn't start until January 1st as that means I can do a little stocking up as soon as I've finished this post - sneaky eh? I never said I was perfect and hey aren't diets always supposed to start tomorrow?

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  1. I haven't bought much fabric in the last few months. Just some to finish projects... I have been sewing a lot lately and have gone through about 18 yards of fabric in the last three weeks. Pajama pants for the kids busted quite a few!


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