Sunday, 26 December 2010

Happy Boxing Day

I hope you all had a nice Christmas? I must have been a really good girl this year because I got all this swag! (and this is not all my presents because I haven't seen my other half yet and there are a couple of other people I haven't been able to get together with because of the weather.)

In fact my other half has been to the doctors and he has flu and bronchitis. It's meant he's been stuck at the other end of the country - and will be until he's better so I have no idea when he will be down to see me. I've only seen him twice in the last six months and I do miss him.

As you can see my mum loved the quilt I made for her.

Today I ventured out in my car for the first time in over a week, to go to lunch at my brothers. It has been freezing all, day but the main roads are pretty clear here. It's just drives and side roads to contend with. I took this photo of a bush in his garden which has done it's best to decorate itself for Christmas.


  1. Perfect presents to curl up and hideaway with- Jane Brockett's book is a pleasure to read- equivalent to Nigel Slater writing about food! I hope you see your partner soon

  2. Glad you had a good Christmas. Love the picture of your mom and the beautiful quilt. Really hope you guy gets well and you can see each other soon.

  3. I can tell that your mom loved the quilt! Merry Christmas!


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