Tuesday, 18 January 2011

DQS dilemmas

I've started work on a potential idea for my partner in the DQS10.  I have a sketch. I have a list of things I've gleaned about my partner from the mass stalking I did.  I am busting to share. I'm desperate to tell you all why I'm doing what I'm doing. But that's not possible because what if my partner reads what I put? They'll know exactly where I'm coming from and the surprise will be ruined before the quilt is...well pieced let alone quilted. 

I started work on one idea - a part of it and the feedback has been really good. In fact so good I'm almost tempted to just do more and more of the same... only I seem to manage to put hexies in nearly every project I do and this year is all about trying different things. Revisiting old skills and learning new and the DQS10 seems an ideal time to push my ideas.

So today I started playing with a mini crazy patchwork block.  I trimmed as much away as I kept. I've done a lot of crazy patchwork in the past - but all pieced onto a foundation. I started off like that with some small fabric scraps but the stitches looked huge and detracted from the fabrics themselves - and not in a good ornamental way.  So I changed and pieced without a foundation.

This isn't finished. I need want to add some more embroidery and tidy up a couple of bits I'm not happy with and didn't notice until I took the snap.  I'm not sure how I feel about this. I want to use the idea I'm just not sure this is right. Maybe it's because I have felt really tired and headachey today?

The trouble is when I start to doubt one thing I start to doubt the whole thing.  Early days - lets see what tomorrow brings.


  1. The mini crazy block is cute! Don't stop exploring it. I like that you are sharing your process!

  2. I hate working out of my comfort zone! I hope you feel better about the project after leaving it alone for awhile! I do LOVE the hexies. And you can reinvent the way you've been using them.


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