Monday, 31 January 2011

First big-ish quilt finished for 2011 - "Somewhere Beneath The Sea"

How satisfying is it to finish a quilt?

My Mendocino Quilt - finished, washed and hanging over my shower screen to dry.
(I'll get better pictures when it's dry and day light)

I'm not sure what came over me at the weekend. My Mendocino quilt went from three quarters of the blocks needed - made; to a fully finished, quilted and bound, useable quilt. Not bad considering I still don't feel on top form.
I have the urge to start singing, "Somewhere beneath the sea..." whenever I go near the quilt. I love the solid I chose for the binding and backing. I don't know the brand as I ordered from Strawberry Fayre a while back and that required sending them a couple of fabric swatches from their range and specifying quantities. The back is a lovely burnt orange colour and the binding a dark coffee/chocolate colour. I quilted two lines close together, even distances apart so it's not densely quilted. 

A warning though - I didn't pre-wash my solids - or any of the fabric. I had meant to at least pre-wash the solids. I was on such a roll at the weekend I skipped that in favour of finishing the quilt while I had my sewing mojo going at full force. I am always nervous about washing stuff I've made. I have visions of something horrible happening. Like the quilt batting shrinking 300%, not the 3% it says on the packet. Or the sewing dissolving in the wash (not sure that could happen, but I worry anyway!). I guess the worse fear it that the dye will run...cast smudges over everything. That maybe that Mendocino I bought on Etsy will turn out to be some cheap rip off that someone is hand printing in their shed with non colour fast dyes.  So I pulled my big girls pants on and threw the quilt in the machine on a delicate cycle and added a couple of colour catcher sheets (which I'd never used before.)  They came out like this:

I think the colour run is entirely from the solid backing. Which was comparable in cost with Kona solids and came from a reputable quilting supplier who sells as many solids as they do patterns and many of which could be Kona for all I know.  I am thinking as soon as I have chance I'm going to hand wash all my red fabrics. I don't have too many; I'm thinking they, if nothing else, need a pre wash.

I would love to work on some large quilts and think with a bit of planning I could go larger and still use my regular machine. Space to baste anything bigger would be my biggest problem. Quilting straight lines is a breeze with my walking foot - my best sewing tool buy of last year.  I am loving this starting and FINISHING a project feeling. I may have to start more projects just so I can finish them ;-)

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Have a great week! xox


  1. Well done on your finish - looks fab. I have the same fears as you re washing! Sometimes I prewash, but sometimes I'm too excited to wait lol. Looks like the colour catchers did what they were supposed to anyway!

  2. I so need some of those color catcher sheets!

    Your quilt is gorgeous!

  3. Well done!! It's looks fabulous. Seriously thinking I need to get some colour catchers for when I'm brave enough to wash anything I make.


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