Friday, 21 January 2011

I forgot to show you all the finished mini quilt I made for my niece. I just need to do a label and keep it well out of the way until her birthday in March.

I'm completely in the doll quilt zone at the moment.  I had a stack of positive responses for the crazy patch I did the other day and since then I've worked on 3 other ideas...

I thought the little girl in the centre piece was too cute not to focus on.

The stamp is there to show that these really are small. I think each square of fabric was around 1"  before I started sewing. I had to watch I didn't sew my fingers to it and there are a few wonky seams - I already have an idea about those.

This may not really fit in with everything else I've done and plan on doing. But it was kind of fun.  I've needed some fun lately due to the stress of trying to organise to do something for my birthday.  Lets just say my family are up for doing something with me of my choosing as long as it's exactly what they want to do, where they want to go and at the time they want to do it.  I started to feel that it would be easier to organise peace in the Middle East than do something I'd enjoy on my birthday and include my family. I took a step back and realised that I'd be spending my day doing stuff to suite everyone but me. And surely a girls birthday is the one time she can have a day that's about her and what she wants to do?  One thing I am looking forward to is seeing my other half. He's working Saturday then has a function he has to go to. He'll drive down to see me. It will be too late to go out, but he'll stay over and we'll go out on Sunday. I am looking forward to that very much.  I may not get much sewing done this weekend. But I have a little birthday giveaway planned!


  1. LOVE the finished quilt for your niece it is gorgeous! And I am loving seeing the others you are working on cant wait to see what you end up doing for your partner! I am sure they will love it because you are putting so much thought into it!
    Im glad you get to see your other half- mine was gone for four days this week and I hated it so I can only imagine what it's like for you!

  2. The quilt you made for your niece is darling!


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